low melting point paraffin


The hot paraffin is used for effettuarei hot baths of paraffin or bandages. These types of treatment are used both for medical purposes or for cosmetic purposes.

These baths can help relieve the pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism, but are also used in spas and spa to soften dry skin, especially for manicure and pedicure.

In addition they are also used in the sports industry for pain relief due to injuries. The heat actually succeed in relieving muscle pain, improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Features hot-melting paraffin

Compound based on vegetable oil unsaponifiables and waxes, designed to obtain a low melting point, and then an easy spreadability 'with the strong emollient action. And 'particularly suitable for treatment in thermal blanket.

The bathrooms (or wraps) paraffin are used to moisturize and soften the skin of the hands and feet and as adjuvant anti-cellulite and anti-grease for different parts of the body due to its strong osmotic effect.

Its main characteristic is that of expelling, through sweating, excess fluids, toxins and waste products.

For paraffin wraps it is necessary to use a container with heating elements (heater paraffin) in which the paraffin pats are dissolved. Once the wax melts, it maintains a constant temperature ranging between 49 ° C to 57 ° C, based on the expected therapy.

Pack of 1kg (four loaves 250g)


Where and how does the hot-melting paraffin

The uses of the hot paraffin are manifold. But we must use it with care to avoid burns and other inconveniences.


- Applied on the body favors the dissolution of fatty deposits, improvement of cellulite and localized swelling. Leveraging its powerful osmotic effect it can be made to penetrate in a few minutes all active substances previously applied on the skin.

- The application on the facial restores shine to the skin with a dull complexion, it promotes acne aging, and improves the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles.

- Used for the hands and the feet, keeping them soft, dry and hydrated.


- Muscle tension;

- Improves the elasticity of connective tissues;

- Urges the circulation;

- It favors a greater supply of nutrients and a more rapid elimination of metabolic wastes;

- Analgesic effect given by rising pain threshold.


Active principles and INCI

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Application mode

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Tips on using the hot-melting paraffin

In winter it is advisable to do the treatment for 2 or 3 times a month, working as a mini-sauna is very effective for those suffering from rheumatism, deeply hydrates the skin to osmotic effect, it strengthens nails.

If you decide to make a paraffin bath at home, it is important to follow the instructions that accompany purchased waxes. It should not reuse the paraffin has been used before. In any case, it is always advised to do these treatments in specialized health centers, so as to avoid any inconvenience.



Active principles and INCI

Glycine soja oil



Fragrance / parfum


Application mode


Insert a paraffin scaldaparaffina dough in and turn it on at least 40 minutes prior to application, making sure that once dissolved appears at the right level.

- Apply a generous layer of moisturizer Karisma or the active ingredient necessary to the treatment;

- Fully immerse your hand or your foot in warm paraffin and then remove it, or, for most sanitary or other body parts, apply it with a spatula or a brush on the area to be treated by covering everything well;

- Cover the area with a plastic sheet or insert a disposable plastic bag;

- And 'advisable to cover it with a cloth toweling (for hands and feet there are special gloves) because it allows you to extend the temporal effects of this therapy while maintaining high paraffin temperature for more time;

- After application, the paraffin becomes solid, starting at the layer in contact with the skin. Solidifying, decreases in volume and thus compresses the surface treated with anti-edema effect.
The obstruction of its action on the skin pores promotes the osmotic effect.

- After 10-15 minutes then remove the whole path and remove paraffin manually.


Avoid treatment in the presence of wounds.

Beware of the risk of burns, preferably use special equipment.

Always remove the paraffin at the end of treatment.

The paraffin baths are not suitable for everyone. They are not recommended for those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins, or other circulatory disorders; in these cases you must consult your doctor.

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