COMPOUND LYOPHILISATE, vials anti-cellulite


Ampoules with active ingredients anti cellulite and fat composed of a fluid portion and a freeze-dried, to maintain all the functionality until use.

Features of Compound Lyophilized anti cellulite and fat

The anti-cellulite vials contain a preparation rich in active ingredients and plant extracts for the treatment of cellulite and / or fat. Thanks to the active substances such as glycosaminoglycans, the extract of sea oak and ivy glycolic extract excellent results can be observed on the most obvious cellulite, with particular regard to the modifications undergone by the dermis and epidermis as the "skin orange peel ", where more marked are the dehydration phenomena of skin elasticity with obvious modifications. Moreover, thanks to the iodine-organic molecule purified, not holding a hormonal stimulus unlike other derivatives iodic, these vials act topically to fight fatty deposits and also exert a moisturizing, eutrophic action and restorative and 'indirect action on the mobility of small blood vessels, especially with regard to the arteries and capillaries.

Pack of 6 + 6 vials lyophilized

How to use the anti cellulite ampoules

And 'advisable to use the compound lyophilized cellulite in all those specific treatments aimed at combating the imperfections existing and prevent the formation of "orange peel skin".
The vials can be applied:
- By themselves with a massage to knead and then covered with a mask or a bandage;
- Diluted in synergy with the mineralizing mix with honey or a water-based product;
- Conveyed through an iontophoresis or an electroporator (veicolatore transdermal).

Active principles and INCI


Implementing rules

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Advice on the use of Compound Lyophilized anti cellulite Earthsea

The iodine-rich extracts, are generally avoided during therapies involving taking thyroid hormone during pregnancy and lactation. Not being a food product the degree of absorption is also considerably lower, this type of iodine molecule, does not exercise hormonal stimulus but acts topically to fight fatty deposits, at low doses that do not exceed, for the application doses, the content iodized 100 grams of strawberries.


Implementing rules of COMPOUND LYOPHILISATE, vials anti-cellulite

Open the vials and add the liquid additive to the lyophilized powder, stir until a clear solution. The frequency of application will depend on the initial state. Once the solution use within 15 days.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with mucous membranes.

Below we suggest some treatments that use them:

Cellulite Protocol:
- Run with GLOVE LEVIGANTE a rotary massage and remove the residues with water and natural sponges.
- Apply the vial of COMPOUND LYOPHILIZED of whole leg and massage with decontracting and kneading movements until completely absorbed.
- Complete with a classic emo-lymphatic massage, using the cream MASSAGE FUCUS added with a few drops of SYNERGY orthodermic.

lymphatic drainage with electroporator
- Fill the container with a 10 ml vial of lyophilized Compound
- Begin to convey the product of the 10 ml container working along the lines of the lymphatic progression from top down and always downloading on the area of ​​the exhaust main station we are dealing with, until completely absorbed. If the treated area is very
- Extended fill more times the container of 10 ml.
- Apply a few drops of Synergy Lightening in the areas most affected by capillaries, veins, redness and strongly edematous, with semi rotator movements, until completely absorbed.
- Apply a bandage to the Sale starting from the abdomen calf and maintain 15-20minuti
- These steps allow the channeling of active substances, their molecules enter the dermis and create specific action on the lymphatic and blood circulation.
- Conclude with the application of Massage Cream Fucus



Glycosaminoglycans (hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans)

The glucosaminglicani are linear heteropolysaccharides that the hydrolysis product is used in cosmetics for their multiple properties, those exploited by this product are: a) hydrating b) eutrophic and restitutita action, c) indirect action on the mobility of small blood vessels, particular with regard to the arteries and the capillaries. Applied in appropriate concentrations can be observed favorable results on the most remarkable cellulite, especially with regard to secondary modifications undergone by the dermis and epidermis. It refers to the characteristic skin roughness, "orange peel skin", where more marked are the dehydration phenomena of skin elasticity with obvious modifications.


COMPOUND IODIZED (tea-Hydroiodide)

Iodo-organic molecule purified by recrystallization, free from elemental iodine, devoid of cutaneous enzimotossica action that finds application in the local treatment of imperfections of "cellulite" and / or fat. It does not exercise, unlike other derivatives iodic, hormonal stimulation, but acts topically to fight fatty deposits, at low doses that do not exceed, for the application doses, the iodine content of 100 grams of strawberries.

OAK MARINA GLYCOLIC EXTRACT (bladderwrack extract)

From thallus of this brown algae they are derived polysaccharides, carotenoids, proteins, mineral salts, iodine in organic and inorganic form. Thanks to this plant complex of both organic and inorganic components that the extract of this alga can be used with positive effects in the adjuvant treatment of cellulite.

IVY GLYCOLIC EXTRACT (Hedera helix extract)
The Ivy is a plant species of the primary cosmetic importance that owes its anti-fatigue properties, soothing, toning to a complex of triterpenoid saponins. The extracts are used in products intended for the adjuvant treatment of cellulite and to the simultaneous treatment of states of tension and swelling of the skin.


Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans
imidazolidinyl Urea



Propylene Glycol
Fucus vesiculosus extract
Hedera Helix extract
Betula Alba extract
imidazolidinyl Urea

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