Product packaging saves comprising 2 elastic bandages soaked disposable soft gel, containing a saturated solution of salt from the Dead Sea, that despite the high salt concentration is transparent and practically odorless. This product is added with an iodinated compound, which potentiates the effect of salt of Dead Sea and makes the product specifically for patients with cellulite and / or fat.

Features of the bandage to the Dead Sea salt

The salt of Dead Sea, between the existing Sali, is the most 'rich in natural minerals. The high concentration of these salts such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, and bromine makes it particularly suitable in the treatments, dell'adipe, tonifying, anti-acne and cellulite. Also plays a purifying and detoxifying, remineralises the skin and relaxes muscles, and 'ideal to relieve rheumatism and joint pain, helps improve skin problems.

In one package there are 2 disposable bandages composed of 46% viscose 54% polyamide and soaked in soft gel.

Where and how does the body wrap

The aesthetic bandage (body wraps) helps the body rid itself of toxins through the compression exerted gradual "mechanically" from the bandages themselves. Also it promotes the absorption of the active ingredients in the products present in them, Sali, ampoules, oils, algae.
The application of the bandage to the Dead Sea salt can be performed on legs, abdomen and arms:
- Helps fight skin orange peel, to tone and smooth the fabric.
- It has a strong effect detergent and gives softness and shine to the skin.
- Dries and compacts the more oily skin.
- Remineralises, exfoliates, smoothes and moisturizes the skin around the body due to its strong osmotic effect.
- Decontracts muscles.

Active principles and INCI

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Method of applying a bandage

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Advice on the use of the bandage to the Dead Sea salt TerraMare

They recommend usually 10-12 applications.
And 'strongly it recommended the use of bandages to the halls of the Dead Sea TerraMare in synergy with equipment such as: pressure therapy, sauna or thermosaunas, infrared; and alternating with electrical stimulators for lymphatic drainage and toning.

WARNING: The body wrap helps the body rid itself of toxins, but it can have a drying effect. Do not forget to drink much, before, during and after treatment.



Method of applying a bandage

apply starting from the ankle / foot up inside thigh, then wrap in a sheet of cartene and later in electric blanket for 30 minutes.
Begin applying the bandage always starting from the lowest point that you want to treat, for example, to apply a complete Body Wrap, start winding starting from the ankle and continue going down the leg. Bind up the leg towards the insertion of the thighs, coming as close to the groin. Then switch to the other leg and repeat the operation.
Now, starting from root of the thighs, begin to bind up the basin up along the trunk, up to his armpits. Continue to closely bind checking that all the skin is covered thoroughly.
A tight bandage ensures maximum contact between the bandage and the skin, and between the latter and the active ingredients to be conveyed, also favors the gradual compression work inherent in bandages .. Be careful not to squeeze too hard so as not to block the circulation.
Same principle applies to the arms, begin to bind her wrists before moving to the upper arms and shoulders. Fix the bandage around the shoulders.
To increase the functionality of the treatment, if you do not apply equipment, you can wear a sauna suit cartene or wrap yourself in a sheet cartene.
After about 30 minutes, sbendare and rinse the affected parts with a lukewarm sponge bath or shower.


SALT DEAD SEA (maris sal)

The salts of the Dead Sea contains 43 natural minerals crystallized during decades on the shores of the Dead Sea. the high concentration of potassium, magnesium, sodium, bromine and makes the product especially indicated in the treatment of cellulite and / or fat.

COMPOUND IODIZED (tea-Hydroiodide)

 Iodo-organic molecule purified by recrystallization, free from elemental iodine, devoid of cutaneous enzimotossica action that finds application in the local treatment of imperfections of "cellulite" and / or fat. It does not carry, unlike other derivatives iodic, hormonal stimulation, but acts topically to fight fatty deposits, at low doses that do not exceed, for application rates, the iodine content of 100 grams of strawberries.



Maris sal






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