Disposable elastic bandages 12cm x 14m for body wraps. Suitable to be soaked of active principles in the application of bandages.

Features of the long elstic naked band

Naked bands are made of very lightweight stretch fabric and absorbent, so they are ideal in treatments with equipment for electrotherapy, electro sculpture, iontophoresis, pressure therapy, cryotherapy, mud therapy, but also for body wrap applications, ie bandage body Hot or Cold and / or essential oils, sludge, clays. etc.

Bandages body (body wrap) are in great demand in health clubs and are made imbibendo the bandages with products that are absorbed quickly by the skin and which promote, through the gradual compression exerted by bandages, lymphatic drainage action.

Measuring 12cm x 14mt long 

Advantages of the disposable bandages than those in cotton

Their main characteristic is that of being very easy to handle and elastic, once wet, the fabric adheres perfectly to the skin ensuring a great degree of compression. Since then disposable give the client a idea of ​​a service of more hygiene and safety for him.

How to apply a bandage

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Tips for treatments with bandages

The long elastic naked band is used to deal with any type of treatment.

We recommend using the salt from the Dead Sea, Dead Sea Mud, clay, hyaluronic acid, synergies of essential oils, lyophilized products in vials or the specific gel products.

As already mentioned, the bandages can be used to increase many types of treatments with the equipment, especially those electrotherapy or under preassure.


WARNING: The body wrap helps the body rid itself of toxins, but it can have a drying effect. Do not forget to drink much, before, during and after treatment.



How to apply a bandage

First you have to soak the bandage selection with the right product for the treatment. Then prepare the solution in a bowl, heat it if necessary, and completely immerse the bandage.

Begin applying the bandage always starting from the lowest point that you want to treat, for example, to apply a complete Body Wrap, start winding starting from the ankle and continue going down the leg. Bind up the leg towards the insertion of the thighs, coming as close to the groin. Then switch to the other leg and repeat the operation.

Now, starting from root of the thighs, begin to bind up the basin up along the trunk, up to his armpits. Continue to closely bind checking that all the skin is covered thoroughly.


A tight bandage ensures maximum contact between the bandage and the skin, and between the latter and the active ingredients to be conveyed, also favors the gradual compression work inherent in bandages .. Be careful not to squeeze too hard so as not to block the circulation.

Same principle applies to the arms, begin to bind her wrists before moving to the upper arms and shoulders. Fix the bandage around the shoulders.

To increase the functionality of the treatment, if you do not apply equipment, you can wear a sauna suit cartene or wrap parts of cartene sheets.

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