Creamy cosmetic mask of green clay that, thanks to the active substances contained in it and the clay properties, is indicated for the treatment of cellulite.

As is well known, the constant application of the clay reduces cellulite and makes the skin nourishment.

the green clay body mask features

It 'a creamy mask of green clay enriched with specific active ingredients for the treatment of cellulite.

Masks made from mud and clay are recognized for centuries as essential remedies for treatment of any imperfection of the face and body. Thanks to the clay component help the skin absorption of substances previously applied or mixed with them, and with the thermal component make trace elements, mineral salts and vitamins essential for skin biological processes.

The green clay is also composed of algae, and contains about 50% silica and 14% of aluminum, has a slightly alkaline pH. It has high anti-inflammatory properties and, when used for outdoor use, has a high absorbency. Also it cleanses, tones the skin and can bilanciarne the level of hydration by avoiding the absorption of fat and toxins that penetrate through the pores.

Thanks to its creamy composition, body mask with green clay TerraMare can be massaged before being left in a pose.

Jar 500ml

Where does the green clay

The clay has therefore been used since ancient times as part of the hygiene of the body, of the cosmetic as a natural remedy for a large number of problems, by virtue of the large capacity that is capable of performing:

- Thanks to the mineralizing function useful in joint disorders, in case of fractures, osteoporosis and anemia, helps fight skin orange peel, to tone and smooth the fabric.
- The particular constitution clay allows it to absorb huge amounts of water, gas, toxins and poisons, to extract water-soluble toxins and at the same time to yield minerals tissues in large quantities. Fights water retention absorbing liquids and waste products of metabolism;
- Thanks to the considerable presence of aluminum favors the regenerative process of the tissues and stimulates wound healing.

- Dries and compacts the more oily skin

- Decontracts muscles.

Active principles and INCI

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How to use the clay body mask

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the use of green clay body mask tips

They recommend usually 10-12 applications.

The mask of clay, diluted with a little oil, can 'also be used to impregnate bandages, thus exploiting also the action compressive lymphatic drainage.


How to use the clay body mask

The green clay body mask TerraMare can be used for both the massage which for laying. A massage green clay can pamper your skin and make it smooth; The skin also has a brighter look. A series of drainage massages with this product are an excellent treatment against fat and thus the ideal complement to a poor dietary fat diet aimed at weight loss.

After a thorough cleansing with scrub, apply massaging a fair amount of mask on all the legs and abdomen. After the massage apply another thin layer to affected areas and leave on.

Expected a shutter speed 20 minutes, remove with moistened sponges and apply the specific cream.

To increase the functionality of the treatment, if you do not apply equipment, you can wear a sauna suit cartene or wrap the body in a sheet cartene.


Below we list a specific cellulite treatment TerraMare:

CUCUMBER SCRUB Apply to affected areas using a circular massage, then remove it;

- A skin after cleansing, apply a few drops of FLUID VEGETABLE on the lymphatic drainage areas;

- Roll out the GREEN CLAY BODY MASK from the ankle to the abdomen, and cover with cartene

Leave on for 20 minutes in the thermal blanket; removed in the shower or sponging;

- Complete with a draining massage using the INTENSIVE CREAM and in case of need with the addizionarla MASSAGE OIL;


GREEN CLAY (solum fullonum)

OAK MARINA EXTRACT (bladderwrack extract)
From the brown alga thallus they are derived polysaccharides, carotenoids, proteins, mineral salts, iodine in organic and inorganic form. Thanks to this plant complex of both organic and inorganic components of the alga extract may be used with positive effects in the adjuvant treatment of cellulite.

IVY GLYCOLIC EXTRACT (Hedera helix extract)
The Ivy is a plant species of the primary cosmetic importance that owes its anti-fatigue properties, soothing, toning to a complex of triterpenoid saponins. The extracts are used in products intended for the adjuvant treatment of cellulite and to the simultaneous treatment of states of tension and swelling of the skin.

CHESTNUT EXTRACT GLYCOLIC (Aesculus hyppocastanum extract)
Big tree whose seeds are drugs. The seed extract contains a triterpenic saponin known as aescin which is extract the active molecule.
In cosmetics it leverages its vasoprotective activities and astringent in the treatment of reddened skin and for the prevention of cellulite.

GLYCOLIC EXTRACT PAPAYA (Carica papaya extract)
It is extracted from papaya papain, proteolytic enzyme sulfhydryl. In cosmetics the papaya extract is used mainly because of its action "smoothing" performed against the epidermis.

Solum fullonum
Bladderwrack extract
Glycine soja oil
Propylene glycol
cetearyl alcohol
hydrogenated tallow
Hedera helix extract
Aesculus hippocastanum extract
Carica papaya extract
C13-14 isoparaffin
Hydroxypropyl bistrimonim diiodide
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Fragrance / parfum
imidazolidinyl urea

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