MUD Dead Sea Pure TerraMare, pack of 1 kg


 Pure Dead Sea mud packed at source to preserve intact all the effectiveness of the minerals of which is particularly rich.

The Dead Sea mud has a high ability to cleanse the skin and create a strong osmotic effect that guarantees the action of regulating, purifying, toning, stimulation and oxygenation of tissues, giving it elasticity and making them stronger in the defense against external aggression .

Features of the Dead Sea Mud TerraMare

Masks with mud are recognized for centuries as essential remedies for treatment of any imperfections of the face and body. Thanks to the clay component help the skin absorption of the previously applied substances, and with the thermal component make trace elements, minerals and vitamins essential for skin biological processes.

The mud of the Dead Sea between the sludge found in nature is certainly richer in minerals (20%), especially salts of sodium, magnesium, bromine. These characteristics make it suitable for cellulite and adiposity treatments; also thanks to its high sulfur content, which has a gentle keratolytic action, it can be used as a beauty mask is on the face of that body.

N.B. This mud has no heating properties.

Bucket 1kg

Where does the mud of the Dead Sea

The application of Dead Sea mud and 'ideal of the whole body:

- On the buttocks, thighs, hips and abdomen it helps to fight skin orange peel,  tone and smooth the fabric.

- On the face dries and compacts the more oily skin and helps eliminating acne.

- Remineralises, exfoliates, smoothes and moisturizes the skin around the body.

- Decontracts muscles.

Active principles and INCI

Maris limus

Implementing rules

The Dead Sea mud, thanks to its large capacity, can be used depending on demand with different application methods:





etc ..

In DETAILS we give details of some of the most effective for us.

The mud of the Dead Sea is also part of the package Thalasso Treatments Earthsea


Tips on using the mud of the Dead Sea TerraMare

They recommend usually 10-12 applications.

And 'strongly it recommended the use of Dead Sea mud in synergy with equipment such as: pressure therapy, sauna or thermosaunas, infrared; and alternating with electrical stimulators for lymphatic drainage and toning.



Some application methods of the Dead Sea Mud TerraMare


- Gently massage the entire body, including face and hair, with DEAD SEA MUD   (previously heated to about 30 °) elongated with a bit 'of massage oil and about 4-5 drops of

                SYNERGY TONING; cover the body with a cartene sheet and a warm blanket, or rather an electric blanket for 25-30 minutes;

- Finishing treatment with a hot shower, or better, in a tank with the addition of 200 g DEAD SEA SALT.


- Mix 4-5 drops of SYNERGY orthodermic to a fair amount of DEAD SEA MUD previously heated to about 30 ° and apply with a spatula on the affected areas; cover with foil and place in cartene blanket for 20 minutes;

- Without rinse wrap in COLD FIRMING WRAP (or with a SALT WRAP with the addition of 5-6 drops of TONING SYNERGY); Leave on about 20 minutes;

- Conclude with a draining massage by adding a few drops of SYNERGY

                TONING CREAM MASSAGE.


- Cleanse and tone your face with cleansing milk A PHYSIOLOGICAL PH and LOTION TONING re-acidifying;

- Conduct a slight rotary exfoliating massage with DEAD SEA MUD, then apply with a spatula and leave on 20-30 minutes;

- Finish with an invigorating massage using the MASSAGE CREAM added

                a few drops of SYNERGY eutrophic or LIGHTENING.

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