Sometimes on our face white unsightly spots are formed near the nose, in the eye contour area, on the eyelids and on the cheeks. These white dots are the grains of millet so named because of their similarity to the seeds of this graminaceous plant. These are superficial cysts filled with keratin which is found in follicles and is present in nails and hair, with a semi-solid consistency and a rounded shape. The grains of millet tend to appear suddenly and usually do not exceed 2 mm in diameter are more commonly seen on the skin of women's face and are not characteristic of a specific age, in fact they migliocan appear both in neonatal age (where they disappear naturally) that during childhood or in adulthood.

Why do the grains of millet appear?

Experts have postulated several hypotheses that lead us to understand why the appearance of these white dots. Among the most logical causes we often have a lack of and inadequate facial cleansing, or the use of make-up products that are not suitable for your skin type, therefore either too aggressive or occlusive. Not to be underestimated then also the use of irritating or excessively degreasing cleansing milks that damage the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis that stimulate the formation of millet grains. Even the exaggerated exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps and the presence of scars or abrasions left by the acne can promote the formation of white spots. Another cause not to be underestimated could be an incomplete or failed development of the sebaceous glands.

How to eliminate unsightly white spots.

The particularity of the grains of millet and that are without outlet, in fact also called blind white spots, can not be broken like the common pimples, but need to be removed with a micro cut on the epidermal dome of the cyst and gently squeezed, of course the whole performed by health professionals. Following is recommended the use of creams with exfoliating action such as those containing salicylic acid. To prevent the formation of grains of millet there are no real remedies but it is definitely recommended the use of products that should not contain petroleum silicones or other substances that can clog the pores of the skin, preventing perspiration. Use products suitable for the type of your face skin, dry, normal, mixed, oily ..., quality make-up products that are not excessively occlusive and above all avoid the use of soaps and aggressive detergents. It is therefore advisable to perform a salicylic acid exfoliating scrub once a week or a peeling based on natural products, for example based on mandelic acid, with a soothing mask to follow. These small measures will therefore help us not only to prevent the formation of millet grains, but also to make sure that our skin is bright and youthful for longer.


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