of green clay powder pure to be used as facial mask and body. Given its large capacity can be used for different purposes.

Features in the green clay dust mask

The green clay, in addition to having a significant ion exchange capacity, has a great absorbing capacity, that is, of a body of chemical fixation. This allows it to trap toxins, bacteria, microbes and scraps of intestinal metabolism (when taken by mouth) such as gas and poisons. It also seems that the green clay can also absorb radiation of the body physiologically eliminating them. For this reason it is recommended as a natural remedy those undertaking chemotherapy.

In the aesthetic field, we can use it with different methods for various treatments, for example:

- Clay masks: they help to make the skin soft and bright and fight the targeted blemishes

- The clay packs: the clay sludge help treat skin blemishes.

- The clay baths: to relax and heal the skin

This product was subjected to Preliminary assessment of the bio-ecological cosmetic requirements (ICEA) with the following result:
ingredients Total: 1
1 ingredients allowed

Sealed sachet 200gr

The clay

The clay, generic term that includes various silicates, is one of the oldest substances manipulated by man that contains many mineral elements such as: silica, alumina, magnesium, alkali oxides and others. It is extracted from the soil to a good depth and is extremely pure; It has no residues of pesticides, herbicides and not natural radioactivity. It has a good cation exchange capacity and therefore is very active in exchanging substances with the tissues with which it comes in contact.

Active principles and INCI
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How to use the green clay dust mask

Mixing a volume of powder with 0.5 volumes of Fluid Catalytic Converter. Given a homogeneous mask apply it on the affected area.

Installation time 20 minutes

Examples of treatment:

facial purficante for acne-prone skin
Toning breast treatment
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Serving Suggestions

They are rather rare forms of clay allergy but it is recommended to test the products first on a small area of ​​skin.


Examples of treatment with the green clay dust mask

facial purficante for acne-prone skin
- Carry out a preparatory cleansing with Purifying Cleansing Milk.
- Make a scrub on face, neck and décolleté with a smoothing cream for sensitive skin.
- Apply the Toning Lotion re-acidifying.
- Prepare the green clay mask and add 2-3 drops of purifying synergy.
- Apply the mask immediately paying attention to the eyes. Remove after a 15-20 "pose.
- With the help of sponges soaked in warm water to wet the mask and remove it gently.
- Apply the balancing cream with a gentle massage.

Toning breast treatment
- Run with the cream smoothing body a gentle rotary massage on the breast area and along the pectoral muscles, avoiding the nipple area, for about 5 minutes. Remove residues with water and sponges.
- Apply the invigorating synergy and superimpose the ventilated clay mask premixed with the catalyst fluid. Leave on for 20-25 minutes.
- After removing the mask, apply a few drops of breast firming fluid, perform a pneumatic massage with honey remineralezzante mixture for about 5 minutes.
- Finish by applying the Push-Up cream with a touch massage until complete penetration stretching trapezius, shoulders, chest muscles and chest.


SOLUM fullonum


ICEA Eco Bio Cosmetics
Preliminary assessment of the bio-ecological cosmetic requirements
Results of the evaluation:
SOLUM fullonum
ingredients Total: 1
1 ingredients allowed

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