FLUID CATALYST for mold and clay


liquid solution for dilution and activation of cast masks and / or clay powder

Characteristics of the catalyst fluid

The catalyst fluid is a liquid solution to be used in the preparation of cast masks or clay. Its function is to dilute and activate the dust in question which will form the mask useful to the treatment. It contains the extract of Rosa gallica which adds to the mask property used, even the anti-inflammatory, refreshing, astringent and improvement of microcirculation.

500ml bottle

Active principles and INCI

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Mode of use and dilution of the catalyst fluid

Solution to be mixed in the right proportions with the specific mold. Typically the ratio is 1 to 2 doses but this can vary depending on the temperature or of the powders. To get a good "mix" to proceed before pouring the estimated necessary liquid and then slowly add the powder mixing constantly until mixture is smooth.

Obtained a homogeneous mask apply it to the affected area by means of a wooden spatula. shutter 30 minutes.

Serving Suggestions

Before mixing, always shake the container of powder and that of the catalyst fluid. At the end of the preparation immediately spread on the affected areas before it begins to harden.


Gallic rose flower extract
Extract from Rosa Gallica Flower, pink original common in South and Central Europe. It contains gallic acid, tannins and glycosides that give anti-inflammatory, refreshing, astringent and improvement of microcirculation.


Rosa gallica extract
Propylene glycol
Fragrance / parfum
imidazolidinyl urea

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