Indicator tape for steam cycles, size 19 mm x 50 mt.
The sterility indicators are chemical detectors that are used to indicate whether the object, the envelope or container where they are attached has undergone a sterilization process.
They are usually used as a seal for containers used so as to also detect a previous eventual opening of the container itself.
The indication is through a color change of the detector that is sensitive to the sterilization process; it is however not able to detect whether all of the process parameters have been met. The difference between the sterility indicator and integrator, is that the first only serves to highlight that an object such as a package or a container has been subjected to a sterilizing process by means of an agent determined.
It 'a good idea to "seal" with this strip packs or containers, in maniena by the user to ensure the integrity of the package.
N.B. the photograph is indicative, the appearance and brand of the product may differ depending on availability.

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