VAPOR LINE Autoclave - TEST STERILITY 'in conf. 250 pcs.

VAPOR LINE Autoclave - TEST STERILITY 'in conf. 250 pcs.


Chemical tests for the validation of the sterilization cycle Suitable for all types of autoclave. Not 'required an interpretation of the color change color.
If the integrator indicator and 'subjected to a proper sterilization cycle, the ink advances within a reading up to reach the green PASS window area. The position of arrival of migrant bar inside the PASS area and 'irrelevant. In the case in which the sterilization conditions are not reached, the migrant bar stops within the FAIL red zone. In case of a negative result (FAIL) and 'need to reprocess the load. The area where the migrating bar inside the window and 'completely reproducible and depends on: the presence of saturated steam Exposure Temperature Exposure Time These are the three critical variables of sterilization by steam.
INTENDED USE: supplement indicator with reading slide for control of sterilization processes with steam Saturated;
COMPATIBILITY ': Sterilization Processes by saturated steam at 134gradiC or 121gradiC;
CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: * made paper holder. * Indicator Ink (migrant bar) non-toxic and lead-free. * The sensitive ink to the sterilization parameters and 'enclosed inside of a rolled aluminum plate. This prevents the accidental contact of ink with the contents of the load;
* Dimensions: mm. 233x21;
* VAPOR LINE and 'completely free of latex;
RISKS: The materials used in the integrator VAPOR LINE production are considered non-toxic and non-hazardous;
METHOD 'OF STORAGE: In original box. Temperature: min. 10gradiC max. 32gradiC. KD 'relative: min. 35% max. 70%;
STABILITY ': Four years from the date of manufacture;
PACKAGING: laminated bag containing 250 pieces;
DISPOSAL: VAPOR LINE can 'be disposed of by incineration with energy plant in accordance with current environmental regulations and laws;
CONFORMITY 'PRODUCT: * EN ISO 111401-1: 2005 (Class Indicator 5); * Produced in factories certified ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 13485: 2003.

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