Dry heat stove for the sterilization of all metal instruments.

Description of the DRY HEAT STERILIZER

This dry heat sterilizer, known as "fornetto" jargon, allows you to sterilize all metal tools and instruments with high temperatures without ruining their hardness, just like a Pasteur oven. It does not sterilize any plastic material, so no brushes, combs, rasps or plastic handpieces.

It is a CE IECEE certified equipment, indispensable for the sterilization procedure of instruments in the absence of an autoclave

Technical features:

This stove is equipped with:

Automatic timer (from 0 to 60 min.)

Temperature adjustment knob from 0 to 230 ° C

6 position heating selector

3 shelves and a clamp for extracting the shelves

Protection fuse

Luminous general switch

Neon lights for thermostat and timer

Power cord with grounded plug.


Internal measures (useful): 29x25x16cm

Overall dimensions: 46x34x29

Power: 1300Watt

Tips for using the dry heat sterilizer

Turn on the sterilizer with heating function above and below + ventilation, set the desired temperature and wait at least 10 minutes before using it to have a good heating of the internal structure.

Recommended temperatures:
to sterilize metal tools or cutting tools such as: scissors, razor blades, razors, etc., a working temperature of over 180 ° C is recommended.
The working temperature may vary according to the type and quality of the products to be sterilized; the important thing is not to set a temperature lower than 180 ° C.
It is strongly discouraged to sterilize plastic tools to prevent them from leaking.

The maximum temperature that can be reached with the sterilizer is 230 ° C.

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