single-dose hand sanitizing gel Gel Plus
single-dose hand sanitizing gel Gel Plus
single-dose hand sanitizing gel Gel Plus
single-dose hand sanitizing gel Gel Plus

single-dose hand sanitizing gel Gel Plus

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Pocket hand gel in single-dose sachet for safe hand disinfection in any place, without water.

disposable packaging, ready to use

3ml single-dose pocket sachet

Pack of 20 sachets

Description of the single-dose hand sanitizing gel Gel Plus

Alcohol-based sanitizing gel with high aseptic action. Specifically designed for hand hygiene, it contains immediate-acting antibacterial agents.

Sanitize your hands in seconds by removing germs and bacteria.


- Aqua: filtered and debacterised treated water 20-30%
- Alcohol denat .: denatured ethyl alcohol letter A with terbulic alcohol and denatonium benzoate. 50-75%
- Carbomer: carboxy-polyvinyl-polymer gelling agent 3-10%
- Benzyl alcohol: 1-3% antibacterial benzyl alcohol
- Litsea cubeba oil: essential oil of tropical citrus litsea, with sanitizing properties. 1-3%
- Tea tree oil: essential oil of the tea plant, strong antibacterial properties. 0.5-2%
- Sodium hypochlorite: sodium hypochlorite disinfectant. 0.1-1%
- Sodium hydroxide: sodium hydroxide neutralizing agent 0.5-1%


Recommended for cleansing and sanitizing hand skin everywhere
Contains agents with high antiseptic action
It works in just 15 seconds
Leaves hands soft and fragrant
It is used without water
Practical and convenient

METHOD OF USE of the HAND GEL Active Gel

HAND GEL sanitizing ready to use, for cleaning hands, without water and without rinsing.

1. While holding the sachet firmly with one hand, pull the top flap with the other hand starting from the cut located at the top right

2. press the sachet to dispense the necessary product

The package contains 3 ml, enough to disinfect the hands and arms

Usage tips

It is an ideal disposable product to be supplied to the customers of the restaurant.

Specific for hand hygiene in any place. Given its small size, it can be comfortably transported anywhere, even on board an airplane.

- Rub effectively with 5 ml of product and rub for 30 ”and, in any case, until you feel dry hands. We recommend repeating the operation.

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