Crema barriera Protexsol Professional

Protexsol Professional barrier cream


Protective hand cream, against oils, greases and resins.

Description Protexsol Professional barrier cream

Protexsol Professional is a specific barrier cream for hands that protects from oily substances, powders, resins and other harmful substances. Contains special emulsifiers that create a protective film reducing the penetration of harmful substances into the skin, and facilitate washing.

It is a cream of white color, with a bouquet of flowery bouquets.

100ml tube

Protects from:

oils, grease, lubricants, resistant dirt
metallic powder, graphite, coal black
paints, lacquers
glass fiber

How to use the barrier cream

Apply the cream on dry and clean skin, let it absorb so as to allow the formation of an invisible and thin layer that avoids direct contact with the treated substances. In case of repeated contact with aggressive products, repeat the operation also during the work.

To remove the protective film at the end of the operation, wet your hands with warm water, soap and rinse.

Protexol protective cream is useful in many areas of work such as:

aesthetics and massage centers
maintenance & engineering
mechanical industry (oil-based substances)
metal carpentry
windows, roofing
coachbuilders, painters

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