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Description of KN95 protective mask equivalent FFP2

The N95 masks are an individual protective device with a filtering capacity of 95% of the molecules in the air and are considered a better protection alternative than the surgical mask or the classic shell mask. It is compared as a degree of protection to an FFP2 mask.

In reality, the most well-known masks such as FFp1, FFP2 and FFP3 have a degree of filtering capacity of 78%, 92% and 98% respectively. So we can assert that the KN95 mask has an intermediate protection between the two, therefore superior to those of an FFP2.

Mask certification

The masks with KN95 filter belong to the category of PPE, that is to say Personal Protective Equipment. They are in fact a safety device created to be able to defend against external attacks of polluting agents, dust and fumes harmful to health. In fact, the use of these masks is even mandatory in some work sectors due to the materials that are used in the environment or the processing procedures that can release substances harmful to humans.

Coronavirus protection

As for today's problem, that is, protection from viruses, it is important to know that filter masks can protect us, but not completely, from the infectious particles circulating around us. In fact, the infection occurs through the nebulization of micro droplets expelled from the mouth during a conversation or a sneeze. If used correctly, the masks can limit the access of the droplets through the respiratory tract but they are not the only precaution to be taken.

As suggested by the authorities, it is also necessary to prevent by implementing simple but effective hygiene measures such as:

 - wash your hands often with a sanitizing soap

- avoid touching objects in places and public transport or wearing gloves

- in case of contact with objects or people, sanitize with an alcohol-based hand gel

How to wear and remove an KN95 filter mask

The correct use of a mask is very important, only by using it correctly can it ensure protection from potentially harmful external agents. Here's how to do it:

    Before putting on the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or with a disinfectant gel
    Make sure the mask fits snugly and covers your nose, mouth and chin perfectly.
    The mask should not be touched with the hands while wearing it
    When the mask becomes wet it must be changed
    To remove it correctly, you do not have to lower the mask towards the chin, but you have to take it by the elastics and remove it towards the front. Finally wash your hands again.

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