HI-RISK powder-free latex gloves, stronger


Pack of 50 very resistant professional latex gloves

Features of the HI-RISK powder-free latex gloves, stronger

Produced in top quality material, our natural latex gloves have a comfortable anatomical shape and are easy to put on and take off.

These HI-RISK are latex gloves with a greater thickness than the classic gloves that give them a long resistance to tearing and also to greasy substances.

They are professional workwear, disposable, safe and resistant, with a cuff long enough not to cause discomfort with the use of work overalls or medical clothes.

The gloves are non-sterile, in opaque blue color so as not to reflect light and create visual disturbances during use (for example due to the reflection of machinery, bulbs, natural light).

How to use non-sterile latex gloves

Every single latex glove is treated so that it can be used with wet or dry hands and inside it does not contain dust, for example unlike the latex gloves on offer with powder (pre-powdered).

Who they are recommended for

Ideal if you are looking for work gloves for mechanics, tire repairers - and not only - for prolonged use.

These latex gloves in fact guarantee excellent safety in the grip as they have a micro-rough surface which makes them almost unique.

They are also suitable for dentists, doctors, nurses and health workers as examination gloves for medical examinations, diagnostic procedures and therapies, in all those tasks in contact with the patient that do not require the use of sterile gloves.

In addition, you can use them in transverse fields, such as precision mechanical work, agri-food and, thanks to the blue color that does not attract bees, for beekeeping.

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