Spray bandage for resistant bandages

Spray Patch Features

Transparent spray patch made of eudermic canvas - improves the physiological state of the skin - and ensures excellent tolerability, ventilation and prolonged action.

50ml can

If used creates a thin protection, a layer that prepares the ground for the bandage and gauze, improving its effectiveness.

Evaporates in no time leaving a feeling of coolness.

Its purpose is to guarantee immediate help in case of minor abrasions or skin abrasions.

It also protects and softens hair and does not create allergies.

Simple to use.

How to use the spray patch

Spray gently to about 5/10 cm from the affected area, wound or trauma, and let it act for a few minutes to heal and protect the skin.

Immediately afterwards intervene with an elastic gauze bandage, to guarantee a resistant bandage, or with a wound patch.

For those recommended

Ideal for covering parts of the body that are difficult to reach or protect with a plaster. Sharp curves such as elbows and feet.

Recommended for all medical practices, clinics, first aid and also for home use.


Plaster bandages resistant. Made of canvas eudermica ensures excellent tolerability and ventilation and prolonged adhesion. 10m rolls in various widths.

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