10x10 sterile 25 layer square gauzes

3 days available

Square gauze in single sterile pack

Characteristics of 10x10 sterile 25 layer square gauzes

Sterile square gauze package made of 100% cotton.

Each gauze is made up of 25 layers measuring 10x10 Cm.

Individually packed.

The cut of the cotton is loose weave, soft and delicate.

Each square gauze has the high capacity to absorb water, blood and other liquids leaking from the body skin following abrasions, cuts or trauma.

Once placed to cover the abrasions, the gauze, if carefully positioned, does not crumble or crease, better if fixed with an adhesive plaster.

The square shape makes it easier to use the product in large and inaccessible areas of the body.

Also consider our non-sterile hydrophilic square gauze!

How to use the sterile gauze

After carefully cleaning the wound or the traumatized area, gently place the hydrophilic gauze to swab in peace or secure it around the affected muscle with an adhesive plaster.

Also ideal for protecting or cleaning sutures from bruises of a not too deep nature.

For whom it is recommended

Suitable for medical offices, first aid, surgery, piercers, podiatrists. Also recommended for small injuries or harmless cuts to be treated privately or at home.


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