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LIGHTENING CREAM for skin with rosacea and sensitive

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Delicate lightening cream and emollient formulated for sensitive skin that reddens easily or suffering from rosacea. Oxidant and anti-reddening, soothing and protective.

Features lightening cream for skin with rosacea and sensitive

Delicate creamy emulsion that thanks to the active ingredients and plant extracts in it plays against epidermal emollient, protective, soothing. Particularly recommended for reddened and / or rosacea skins that are darting flames mainly calming effect of bisabolol and helichrysum, while thyme and vitamins A and F perform purifying, hydrating and normalizing action that go to protect and restore the subtle hydro-lipid layer placed on the surface of the skin and often moved away from excessive washing or by improper use of detergents.

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Rosacea and hypersensitivity skin

Rosacea is a skin blemish originated from vasodilation of the microcirculation sottoepidermico. If persistent, this vasodilation originates a condition of erythrosis, namely an intense and chronic reddening, localized on cheekbones and cheeks and the appearance of telangiectasias (dilations permanent venous). It occurs mainly on the cheeks, assuming that the arrangement with butterfly wings, but sometimes it can also occur on the nose. It occurs more frequently in females, already predisposed to capillary fragility, emotional or in the period corresponding to the climacteric. If rosacea are also associated follicular dysfunction, easily you can manifest a condition called acne rosacea. The environmental and climatic factors such as abrupt changes of temperature, heat, solar radiation, excessive humidity and the wind influencing the microcirculation and consequently worsen the couperose. For these reasons, you should treat your skin very frequently with the use of gentle and soothing products but especially protective of the hydro-lipid film.

Active principles and INCI
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How to use the lightening cream for skin with rosacea

Apply the cream with delicate touch movements, preferably in the morning, after normal cleansing facial with specific products such as a physiological pH cleanser and tonic re-acidifying.

Serving Suggestions

For skin with rosacea or very reddened it is advisable to apply 2-3 drops of lightening synergy before the cream. The synergy must be made fully absorb by massaging gently touch or tapping. Pay close attention to the eyes and mucous membranes of the nose and mouth.



ELICRISO GLYCOLIC EXTRACT (helichrysum arenarium extract)

The Helichrysum is certainly one of the plants most effective and useful in cosmetic treatments. It is used in cosmetics for its soothing, purifying, invigorating.

EXTRACT GLYCOLIC marigold (Calendula officinalis extract)

Asteracea of ​​primary interest for cosmetics. Its extract contains flavonoids, saponins, oleanolic acid, mucilage. And 'particularly suitable for the treatment of delicate and sensitive skin.

BISABOLOL (bisabolol)

Substance present in the oil of chamomile, which can also be obtained by synthesis, with features soothing, anti-reddening. Indicated in the treatment of delicate and sensitive skin, rosacea, in children's products and after-sun.

Vitamin F (linseed acid)

It is commonly obtained by fractional separation at low temperature by the linseed fatty acids. It plays against the epidermis moisturizing, nourishing.

VITAMIN A (retinyl palmitate)

On the skin Vitamin A plays a protective action and normalizing, with unwavering thin layer hydrolipidic placed on the surface of the skin and often moved away from excessive washing or by improper use of detergents.

THYME EXTRACT GLYCOLIC (thymus vulgaris extract)

The essence and the thymus extract are used for purifying known properties, antimicrobial, deodorant and stimulating the surface circulation due in large part to thymol contained in them.

Caprylic / capric triglyceride
cetearyl alcohol
Hydrogenated vegetable oil
Propylene glycol
Helichrysum arenarium extract
Calendula officinalis extract
Arctium lappa extract
Thymus vulgaris extract
Linseed acid
Quercus robur extract
retinyl palmitate
C13-14 isoparaffin
Disodium eDTA
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Fragrance / parfum
imidazolidinyl urea

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