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TONIC re-acidifying home packaging box

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Tonic nonalcoholic re-acidifying for facial cleansing, cleans and restores the normal skin pH. Suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive, delicate, dry, tired.

Features of the tonic re-acidifying TerraMare

nonalcoholic fluid that tends to restore the epidermis surface acidity. Suitable for all skin types, especially those damaged, dry or seborrheic, thus have an obvious change in natural protective layer.
It 'a fluid face lotion formulated without alcohol but with the addition of pH to slightly acidic active ingredients, such as lactic acid, which cleanse but keep unchanged the right level of acidity of the skin. The lactic acid is normally used in cosmetics to impart to the product an acidic pH which, in this case, serves to daily rebalance the skin and prepare it for the atmospheric agents and smog to which we are subject during the day. Recent observations have also shown that the use of lactic acid can lead to a more hydrated skin and to an attenuation of wrinkles. Thanks then to the Oak extracts and Wheat Germ has got a rich extract active ingredients indicated against damage caused by sun, wind, dust and friendly malnourished, dehydrated, lacking tone and tired.

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But you need the tonic for the face?

Currently the tonic for the face is the cosmetic product not used at home because it was considered unnecessary or even duplicate the cleansing milk.
These beliefs are the most false and wrong one might think of a nearly essential product for the daily balance of our skin!
The aesthetic operator knows, the passage of toning is a necessary and essential for skin preparation for any facial treatment to be performed on the client. It 'true that the cleansing milk is very important for cleansing, removal of impurities from the skin and nourishment but, besides the fact that it must be a good milk with a balanced pH, it is still an almost creamy product that inevitably leaves residues that substantially go to clog skin pores. In many rinse cleansing milk with running water, some even with soap and water ... This could create damage even more serious, because the soap, which contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, degrease the skin going to deterioration at the hydro-lipid film and the 'running water, often rich in limestone, it could obstruct the pores.
The toning lotion has the fundamental task to thoroughly cleanse the skin, removing away even the slightest amount left by the cleansing milk as well as a makeup remover, and restore its balance.

Active principles and INCI

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Skin Preparation

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Serving Suggestions

As already mentioned the pH and the properties of a product are very important in the respect of the skin balance. tonics and milks elaborated In this regard TerraMare specific detergents for all types of skin that you can find here


Skin Preparation

In the morning, the skin should be cleansed, hydrated and re-balanced with a good mix of cleansing milk and tonic to face a day of stress caused by sun, wind, smog, etc .. In the case of sensitive and dry skin for example is advisable ' use of at physiological pH cleansing milk, in case of damaged skins or seborrheic is indicated instead the purifying cleansing milk. Pour the cleanser on a cotton Faldini, then deploy with a light massage on the face and décolleté. The cleansing of the eyes, ears and neck should be very careful.
Next, apply the toning lotion re-acidifying and make her skin gently patting the skin to enhance the invigorating effect. The skin will be soft and radiant. At this point you can apply an appropriate face cream.
The skin will be soft and radiant. It is recommended for use even after prolonged exposure to the sun.

ACTIVE TONIC re-acidifying

OAK AQUEOUS EXTRACT (Quercus robur extract)

By meristems (undifferentiated tissue) of oak roots you get a rich extract of active ingredients in the cosmetic industry it is used against damage caused by sun, wind, dust, etc. etc. It is also particularly suitable for malnourished, dehydrated, without tone.

LACTIC ACID (Lactic acid)

Hydroxy acid present on the surface of the skin where comes through the eccrine sweat.
The lactic acid is normally used in cosmetics to impart to the product an acid pH.
Recent observations would put in evidence that the use of lactic acid can lead to a more hydrated skin and to an attenuation of wrinkles.

WHEAT GERM EXTRACT (Triticum vulgare extract)

Extract rich in vitamin E, lecithin, carotenoids.
Particularly suitable for sensitive skins.

Propylene glycol
Quercus robur extract
Triticum vulgare extract
Lactic acid
Fragrance / parfum
imidazolidinyl urea

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