CREMA PURIFICANTE per pelli grasse
CREMA PURIFICANTE per pelli grasse
CREMA PURIFICANTE per pelli grasse
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CREMA PURIFICANTE per pelli grasse
CREMA PURIFICANTE per pelli grasse
CREMA PURIFICANTE per pelli grasse

PURIFYING CREAM for oily skin

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Soft face cream with a high purifying power, specially formulated for the treatment of oily, impure, pre-acne.

Features of purifying cream for oily skin

It 's a face cream formulated to effectively combat the imbalances of the seborrheic and oily skin, and to prevent deterioration. Thanks to the active ingredients of calendula, propolis, juniper, thyme and also the addition of vitamin F, exerts a number of beneficial effects: moisturizing, nourishing, stimulating, invigorating; in addition to purifying, antimicrobial, purifying and deodorizing due largely thyme and propolis contained in it.

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Oily skin

The defined skin "oily" is a skin with an excessive function of the sebaceous glands and it is the excess of sebum, which "pollute" the surface layers of the epidermis, at bringing the appearance of oily skin, shiny and consequently little healthy. Who has this "failure" of the glands must be careful to nutritional imbalances, hormonal and products using topically applied as creams and cleansers, which can easily worsen the condition of unease. Furthermore, the sebum accumulate in follicular sacks hinders the normal skin lubrication making it more sensitive to infections and generating thickenings and dryness. In fact it is not true that oily skin does not need moisturizing, indeed, need only carefully choose the right products.
Also, if you have a skin prone to impurities, acne or oily skin, the skin will tend to have a higher pH which makes it more susceptible to irritation and redness. So you must have a product that is acting for torched and to mitigate such issues as the purifying cleanser.
Oily skin needs emollient products, sebum-normalizing and purifying.

Active principles and INCI
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How to use the cleansing cream for oily skin

Apply with a gentle massage, the cream in the morning and evening after the normal cleansing of the face with a cleansing milk and a re-acidifying tonic

Serving Suggestions

To effectively combat excess sebum is good practice to keep the skin clean and cleaned as best as possible and using the right products. For this TerraMare created a CLEANSING AND PEELING KIT OILY SKIN OR acne daily use respecting dela inflamed skin and skin pH.



EXTRACT GLYCOLIC marigold (Calendula officinalis extract)

Asteracea of ​​primary interest for cosmetics. Its extract contains flavonoids, saponins, oleanolic acid, mucilage. And 'particularly suitable for the treatment of delicate and sensitive skin.

Vitamin F (linseed acid)

It is commonly obtained by fractional separation at low temperature by the linseed fatty acids. It plays against the epidermis moisturizing, nourishing.

EXTRACT Propolis (propolis wax)

Propolis is set resinous substances collected by bees from flowers, leaves and bark and their elaborate. It helps restore the functions of the skin, increasing the hydration, giving it elasticity, purifying, nourishing it and protecting it from wrinkles.

JUNIPER GLYCOLIC EXTRACT (Juniperus communis extract)

The glycolic extract of fresh fruit, thanks to the integrity of the components of the phyto-complex, has interesting uses in phytocosmetic preparations quality. It is used in stimulant preparations, toning.

THYME EXTRACT GLYCOLIC (thymus vulgaris extract)

The essence and the thymus extract are used for purifying known properties, antimicrobial, deodorant and stimulating the surface circulation due in large part to thymol contained in them.


Caprylic / capric triglyceride
cetearyl alcohol
Hydrogenated vegetable oil
Propylene glycol
Calendula officinalis extract
Juniperus communis extract
Thymus vulgaris extract
Linseed acid
propolis wax
C13-14 isoparaffin
Disodium eDTA
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Fragrance / parfum
imidazolidinyl urea

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