Concentrated solution Glycolic acid for chemical exfoliation of the entire body. It works quickly even on skin thickening.

peeling glycolic acid characteristics

In this soft glycolic acid gel it is provided at a concentration of 30% buffered to pH 3-3.5 so as not to attack the epidermis. This product smoothes the surface layer epidermal making it brighter and homogeneous. It can be used alone or in combination with anti-aging face and body treatments. Her pose is blocked after a few minutes by applying the Stop solution Earthsea, only rinsing with water is not enough.
Uses of glycolic acid peels:
- Exfoliation and cell turnover
- Skin aging and wrinkles
- Skin blemishes
- Oily skin and acne

Glycolic acid, due to its high rate of penetration, exfoliating action allows almost immediate, and it is precisely for this reason that should be applied with caution especially on sensitive skin.

30ml bottle with dispenser

How does glycolic acid

Glycolic acid (or hydroxyacetic) is a natural product and is the smallest among the existing alpha-hydroxy acids. Its crystals are soluble in water (0.1 g / ml) for which it is possible to formulate a gel-like product. Glycolic acid is extracted mainly by:
- sugar cane
- sugar beet
- Sour grapes
Due to its small molecules (low molecular weight) has an excellent ability to penetrate the layers of skin and perform its primary function which is to weaken the binding abilities of lipids that keep joined together dead skin cells. For this is used in cosmetics primarily as "exfoliating agent." The use of glycolic acid leads to a better appearance of the skin, it can reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging and adjust hyperpigmentation. The exfoliation of the horny layer and the resulting increase in cell renewal rate (turnover), produces an acceleration of the activity of fibroblasts and collagen and elastin production.

Active principles and INCI
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How to use the peeling glycolic acid

On the first use, apply a drop of glycolic acid on a small treatment area to check any excessive sensitivity to the product.
- A skin after cleansing, apply a decent layer of peeling glycolic acid with a fan brush, avoiding eyes and mucous membranes, check and leave on 1-2 minutes. Dab and then remove with sponges soaked in Stop Solution.
- Complete the treatment with a gentle massage applying Rebalancing Cream.

Serving Suggestions

Glycolic acid is photosensitizing, so is not recommended for use in the summer months where there is more exposure of the skin to sunlight. It is however advisable to apply a protective cream after treatment.
Glycolic acid is a powerful irritant that can cause serious skin rashes. Be sure to purchase a cosmetic suitable for use on the skin like the one proposed by Earthsea. If it is not, the percentage of glycolic acid, an industrial product may be used as a detergent for floors.




Glycolic Acid


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