COLLAGEN MASK in pre-cut viscose fabric, 5pz


Mask soft viscose soaked with marine-derived collagen. Given its highly moisturizing and firming characteristics it is recommended for treatment of aging skin and dehydrated.

the mask features to collagen in viscose fabric

The particular viscose fabric, pre-drilled for the correct positioning of the eyes, nose and mouth, is a morbdo fabric, comfortable but inert. It 'was soaked in marine collagen with a high hydroxyproline content (proline hydroxylated) which is the protein found in the human body as it is a primary constituent of bone, skin and connective tissues in general.
The collagen is of marine origin as it is considered safer to TerraMare, which in fact prefer to avoid any type of active substance of animal origin, in particular after the events that occurred with the cases of B.S.E. .
The moisturizing, firming, protective collagen make the specific product for dehydrated skins senescent, relaxed.

Pack of 5 masks sealed ready

The collagen (or collagen)

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Active principles and INCI

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the collagen mask application

As previously said, the application of the collagen mask is recommended in all those treatments face acts to fight were indicative of senescence, such as: dehydration, wrinkles, cutaneous atony, loss of elasticity.
Apply the fleece on the face and spread it for good in an attempt to occlude all areas, lay on the eyes, nose and mouth through the holes. shutter 30 minutes. The frequency depends on the initial state of the epidermis.


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Serving Suggestions

Always apply a serum, gel, or hyaluronic acid ampoule on the skin before laying the mask. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are a great combination for the treatment of signs of aging.


The collagen (or collagen)

Collagen is a fibrous protein and is the most abundant of vertebrates. Its fibers are resistant and insoluble and are the main components of connective tissues such as bone, teeth, cartilage, tendons, fibrous matrix of the skin and blood vessel walls able to resist mechanical stress. Mammals have about 30 types of collagen chains. The collagen fiber consists of 3 polipepdiche chains wrapped around each other to form the triple helix collagen. The polypeptide left-handed helices are wound over one another forming a super helical structure clockwise. Collagen is synthesized by the body mainly the introduction of animal food, especially the fish which is more digestible. Its synthesis unfortunately decreases with age and increases as its degradation resulting in occurrence of wrinkles, lethargy and skin thinning. That is why you have the need to integrate it from the outside more and more with advancing years. In cosmetics, but also in supplements, collagen is inserted already pre-digested, this greatly facilitates the absorption and facilitates the reproduction by means of the amino acids.
A great and frequent combination of collagen is that with the hyaluronic acid, a substance that holds substantial quantities of water at the level of the skin and of the joint fluid, and skin protecting joints from damage related to aging and moisturizing the skin.


a) Cleanse face and neck with Cleansing Milk A PHYSIOLOGICAL PH; remove it before you leave for a few minutes.

b) Toning Lotion with TONING VERSATILE gently tapping on décolleté, neck, face.

c) After applying two cotton Faldini soaked eyes tonic, apply a layer of CREAM SMOOTHING all over your face and spray with ozone for 10 minutes.

d) Perform a light rotational massage and then remove with sponges soaked in warm water.
e) Apply a few drops of SYNERGY orthodermic and patting until absorbed.

f) Roll out and shape a sheet of COLLAGEN FACE MASK and apply CALCO TONING, suitably pre-mixed with FLUID CATALYST (200g - 100ml fluid cast). It is recommended not to apply the cast also outside of the fabric mask. Leave on for 20-30 minutes.

g) Remove the mask and let penetrate the collagen residues with light massage movements.

h) End the treatment by adding 2-3 drops of SERUM HYALURONIC ACID WRINKLE a right amount of ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM IN MARINE COLLAGEN and perform a massage with a toning action.


MARINE COLLAGEN (soluble collagen)

Collagen is a vast cosmetic use thanks to its film-forming and hygroscopic properties that are very effective in keeping hydrated, toned and firm the skin.
To remedy the legislative restrictions faced by the beef products because of B.S.E. TerraMare opted for marine-derived products.


soluble collagen
imidazolidinyl urea


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