Spirometer mini-wright

Spirometer mini-wright

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Designed by Dr. bmwright is the peak flow meter more 'spread throughout the world.

Mini-wright is a cylinder in which the air exhaled by the patient moves a piston connected to a spring which moves an indicator on the value of pef.

It exists in double configuration, depending on whether it is necessary to monitor high flow or low flow.

* Mini-Wright Standard / range 60-800 liters / minute for adults

* Mini-wright low range / range from 30 to 370 liters / minute pediatric 

Compared to the outpatient bulky spirometers, the peak flow meters are portable, easy and affordable allow the patient an easy relief pef (peak flow atoning). The meters are not only useful for the patient at home but are an important clinical tool in surgery, emergency room and hospital. Possible to assess the severity of the disease, the extent of circadian variations in lung function, which correlate with the degree of airway hyperresponsiveness and response to therapy.

Clinical applications: asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema. In the assessment of the effects of respiratory physiotherapy and training in athletes.

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