Stetofonendo stainless cardiologic

Stetofonendo stainless cardiologic


Stethoscope cardiology stainless steel. Stethoscope Cardiology Dual head in brushed stainless steel with a diameter of 47 / 36mm and height of 33mm. Headband binaural spring assembled inside the tube. Ring antifreddo on both sides. Soft eartips screw. Ring anti cold. Tube to y PVC in one piece: diameter 5mm, length 60cm. Packed in a single cardboard box. 93/42 class of device: the class head - bow: stainless steel olives - ring antifreddo pvc pipe pvc latex: absent head diameter: 46/36 mm head height: 23 mm tube length: 60 cm diameter tube: 5 mm tube blue color

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