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Stetofonendo Littmann Master Cardiology Littmann master cardiology: the acoustic excellence. The unique patented single-sided head allows auscultated sounds selectively at high and low frequency, without having stattare the instrument from the patient's body. Head technology mono-face "master" can detect both the low and high frequencies, without turning your head. For the detection of low frequencies you are applying slight pressure on the head, while those high firm pressure. Users: • Cardiologists • Pulmonologists • General Practitioners patented tunable diaphragm the special patented tunable diaphragm ensures the instrument versatility and high quality acoustics. The tunable diaphragm can detect both low-frequency mode (bell) that high frequencies (Iris mode) without turning your head. To switch between modes simply change the pressure on the head. Bell Mode (low-frequency) for the detection of low frequencies is sufficient to exert slight pressure on the head. The membrane, mounted on a flexible ring, is thus left free to move and to detect the low frequencies. Iris mode (high frequency) to detect high frequency sounds apply firm pressure on the head. By pressing the head on the skin, the membrane is pushed against the inner surface of the head. Are limited in this way the movements of the membrane: what blocks or attenuates the reception of low-frequency sounds, allowing to listen for those at high frequency. Cleaning and maintaining your Littmann is designed to ensure a reliable over time. Periodic cleaning of the tool helps to maintain over time the characteristics of the instrument. Instructions for cleaning the instrument • Do not immerse your stethoscope in any liquid and not sterilize it in any way. If you need to disinfect it using a cloth dampened with a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol • not subject the instrument to extremes of heat and cold, avoid contact with solvents and oils • olivette by the collector can be removed for cleaning maintenance Tube: tubes of Littmann stethoscopes is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride): the PVC becomes hard when exposed for long periods in contact with the fat of the skin. If the stethoscope is held around the neck can occur over time hardening of the tube it is therefore recommended not to keep in direct contact with the skin, for example by holding it above his collar. Color: navy blue

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