Facial moisturizing cream for dry, dehydrated skin


moisturizing face cream for daily use. Restores hydration to all skin types, even the most dry and dehydrated, nurtures and protects.

Characteristics of facial moisturizer for dry, dehydrated skin

soft and delicate cream that thanks to the active substances contained in it plays a protective action against the epidermis and moisturize. Particularly suitable for dry, dehydrated skin. Composed of natural ingredients nourishing, toning, protective and smoothing, has been enriched by FACTOR CREAM (urea, allantoin, sodium pca, sucrose, collagen amino acids), an active ingredient complex, particularly suitable for skin treatments where needs strong hydration and elastication epidermis. And 'it composed primarily of elements constituting the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) integrated with other substances such as allantoin which perform a eutrophic, especially in regard to dry and aging skin.

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Hydration as a fundamental element

The hydration is essential for skin health is to counteract the aging (anti-oxidation) is to make it elastic and toned. If the facial tissues are not properly hydrated is almost useless work to counter other skin imperfections such as wrinkles, atonicity, dark circles, etc. , As, lacking the basic requirement, the effects of treatments would be short or inconsistent. To get good results on the various blemishes you must always pass a moisturizing treatment cycle or at least it is always useful to combine a highly specific moisturizing cream to nourish the tissues to any other specific cream, in addition to drinking lots of water and exercise.

Active principles and INCI

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How to use the facial moisturizer for dry, dehydrated skin

For best results, apply the cream in the morning with a gentle massage. The skin is immediately fresh and bright and will be protected throughout the day. In the evening, it is advisable to remove make-up and be cleansed using a milk and possibly a tonic moisturizing and rebalancing and then put the cream.

Serving Suggestions

- The hydration of the face and body is essential to healthy skin is to counter aging is to keep it supple. The water is the moisturizing element content in our cells and in the interstices between them (extracellular fluid) and is equivalent to a percentage that varies, depending on the age, from a minimum of about 50% to a maximum of about 75%. In the daily diet, in addition to a high fruit and vegetable consumption (about 5 servings a day), you need to drink between meals constantly natural water.

- Protect yourself from the elements such as wind, cold, humidity.

- Avoid prolonged contact of the skin with water, which causes a stress on the entire stratum corneum causing an alteration of the protective / barrier function.

- Avoid contact with surfactants, contained in chemical cleaners, degreasers, etc.



MOISTURIZING FACTOR (urea, allantoin, sodium pca, sucrose, collagen amino acids)

Active ingredient complex, especially indicated in skin treatments where needs strong hydration and elasticization epidermis. Essentially it consists of the elements constituting the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) according to Jacobi, integrated with other substances such as allantoin to exert an eutrophic, especially in regard to dry and aging skin.

MARINE COLLAGEN (soluble collagen)

Collagen is a vast cosmetic use thanks to its film-forming and hygroscopic properties that are very effective in keeping hydrated, toned and firm the skin.
To remedy the legislative restrictions to which they are subjected bovine products because of B.S.E. cosmetic emmeci opted for marine-derived products.

SOY PROTEIN (hydrolized soy protein)

Soybeans are a legume seed from which are derived, oil and protein meal. Using a particular method of extraction you can get an enriched fraction of peptides (protein hydrolysates), more easily absorbed by the epidermis against whom play a moisturizing and nourishing action.

PINEAPPLE EXTRACT GLYCOLIC (Pineapple sativus extract)

This tropical fruit owes its special properties to the plant complex of active ingredients of which it is composed. E 'especially the bromellina, sulfhydryl enzyme, which determines the effect of cleansing of the epidermis. In addition to bromellina the pineapple is particularly rich in other substances such as amino acids, essential oils, sulfur compounds, vitamins, carotenoids. Thanks to its active ingredients the extract of pine plays against the epidermis a mild detergent action, leaving the same soft and velvety.

MELILOTO GLYCOLIC EXTRACT (Melilotus officinalis extract)

Glycolic extract of sweet clover thanks to its refreshing, relaxing, softening can be used on delicate, dry, tired.

Caprylic / capric triglyceride
cetearyl alcohol
Hydrogenated vegetable oil
Propylene glycol
Ananas sativus extract
Melilotus officinalis extract
Hydrolyzed soy protein
Sodium pca
Collagen amino acids
soluble collagen
C13-14 isoparaffin
Disodium eDTA
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Fragrance / parfum
imidazolidinyl urea

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