Bendaggio elastico autoadesivo 5cm

5cm self-adhesive elastic bandage

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Fuxia
  • Mimetic
  • Nero
  • Verde
  • Skin

Cohesive elastic bandage to wrap and maintain dressings.

Characteristics of the 5cm self-adhesive elastic bandage

The cohesive bandage is composed of a self-adhesive fabric without glue, that is a fabric that adheres to itself without the need to be fixed with adhesive tape.

Indicated for dressing fixation, for light support bandages and in the treatment of light fractures.
They do not require clips or patches as they are perfectly adherent.

Width: 5cm

Length 4.5mt

Red, green, fuchsia, camo, beige, blue, black colors

How to use the cohesive elastic bandage

The cohesive bandage is very easy to use. Just wrap it around the dressing and extend it well. It is necessary to do at least a couple of turns and then cut it to size.

Also very useful for wrapping the tattoo grip, or protecting fingers during nail reconstruction.

For whom it is recommended

This self-adhesive bandage is mainly suitable for physiotherapists, tattoo artists, dermopigmentists, nail technicians.

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