SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech
SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech
SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech
SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech
SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech
SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech
SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech
SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech

SNAIL GEL - Snail Slime Gel and Stem Cells Beech


Serum to mucopolysaccharides snail drool - Nourishing and elastic. Recommended for all skin types, it has many beneficial effects against skin aging and accelerates regeneration.

Gel features the slime snail Limax

Soft gel rich in natural active ingredients such as: the precious slime and the extract of beech stem cells which, thanks to their antioxidant properties, moisturizing and toning properties give the skin elasticity, firmness, softness thus preventing the onset of wrinkles. Particularly suitable for the eye area and lips.
Recommended for: wrinkles, dryness, blemishes, scars, stretch marks.
This product does NOT contain parabens, PEG and antimicrobials, for this is listed as NATURAL COSMETIC.

cosmetico naturale

It can be used with extreme tranquility on any skin type, this is a natural product does not have allergic reactions, and already the first applications erases signs of fatigue, making the skin smooth.
The gel 30ml is equipped with a convenient and precise dosing that breaks down waste.

pump bottle 30ml + from sales package

CONCENTRATED of OF SNAIL - Snail secretion tips

The Snail Saliva is made from "Helix aspersa" (spiral) for food use. This is rich in mucopolysaccharides, which give the characteristic viscosity and film-forming properties, protective and moisturizing. Thanks to the content of numerous active substances able to carry out numerous beneficial actions for the skin, including:

> Nutrient action: thanks to the elastin and collagen fibers content promises to make the most elastic tissue and tonics, with consequent beneficial effect on wrinkles, which become less visible.
> Exfoliating action: thanks to the presence of glycolic acid allows a gentle peeling of the surface layer of the skin.
> Regenerating action: allantoin This allows, in fact, to remove the marks caused by scars, skin spots and burns, as well as slow down the aging process.
> Antioxidant: Vitamin C and Vitamin E help reduce inflammation and counteract the action of free radicals.
> Purifying Action: peptides, and glycolic acid content are useful in fighting acne by preventing the accumulation of impurities.
> Moisturising action: thanks to these proteins, the slime helps tissue oxygenation and hydration.

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Active principles and INCI

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Ways' serum application to a snail's drool

At home:
Apply the serum in the morning after cleansing the face with a gentle massage. The skin will be fresh and bright throughout the day.
For a more effective treatment at home, it is advisable to exfoliate the skin in the evening with an exfoliating cream to salicylic acid, after having cleansed and cleansed with the Cleansing Milk Milk Snail and tonic. Then, after the morning application of gel, apply 1-2 drops of Snail cream on the face. The results are immediately perceptible to the touch and visible in a short time.

In the cabin:
- Carry out a preparatory cleansing of the face of the customer with the Snail milk.
- Run with the Smoothing Cream for sensitive skin, a gentle rotary massage on face, neck and décolleté. Remove residue with warm water and sponges.
- Apply the Snail Gel widely concentrating mainly on the areas of greatest interest (wrinkles, scars, blemishes, etc.) and perform a stimulating massage or patting connective tissue.
- Apply the Snail Mask extending an adequate amount of product on the affected areas, massaging gently. Leave on for 15 minutes. The special formulation allows to buffer the excess with a tissue and massage the remaining product with dispersion movements. Remove residue with warm water and sponges.

- Finish by applying the Snail Cream with a touch massage until complete penetration stretching the muscles of the face and décolleté.

The treatment can be combined with machinery such as: stimulator, electroporator, high frequency.

Serving Suggestions

The gel has anti-waste dispenser, apply little product at a time without abound. The product is very concentrated and sliding, it does not need a high dosage.




The Slime Snail and 'derived from "Helix Aspersa" (spiral) for food use.
The secretion and 'collected and filtered in two stages, the first roughing and the second polishing. No dilution or chemical interventions are made.
The Slime Snail and 'rich in mucopolysaccharides, which give the characteristic viscosity' and properties' film-forming, protective and moisturizing. It also contains glycolic acid (moisturizing) and allantoin (restorative and protective). Therefore finds applications in anti-aging products, restituivi and forming effect, effective in combating the expression lines

COMPOUND WRINKLE TO STEM CELLS beech (Fagus sylvatica extract, aqua)
Product totally vegetable specifically designed to prevent and reduce the formation of wrinkles. In vitro effects evaluated (documented) lead to the conclusion that this product increases the consumption of oxygen and the synthesis of proteins by keratinocytes, without for another stimulate cell proliferation. The use of cosmetic products containing this ingredient leads to a reduction in wrinkle depth (documented).

Ingredients (CTFA):
Aqua (water)
Snail secretion tips
Fagus sylvatica bud Extract
Fragrance / parfum (fragrance)
Benzyl alcohol
Dehydroacetic acid

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