Rolls of paper / polypropylene to pack and store the tools to be sterilized or sterilized. Equipped with infertility detector to be placed up in the autoclave.

200m length.

20cm width

They should be cut to size and sealed with the use of thermo sealer that ensures the hermetic closure guaranteeing thickness and sealing.

Our rolls for the packaging of tools

Our rolls for sterilization are derived from a production system with extremely high quality and precision cut such as to not release fibers and paper particles on the surfaces and by a winding system which ensures compactness and strength to the product. Full compliance with the Directive 93/42 / EEC (and subsequent amendment 2007/47 / EC) and EN 868-1
Printing occurs on the outside line to the space useful for the sterilization along the welds between paper and film.

They are equipped with chemical indicators change color for steam sterilization (autoclave) or by EO gas (ethylene oxide), built on the paper in which, in contact with the vapor to the sterilization temperature, it changes color and becomes pink brown .

Mode of use of rolls for packaging

- Having made the decontamination and cleaning of instruments and having a visual inspection carried out as to avoid remaining traces of organic residues in contact with the tool, select the desired width of the roll and place it in the heat sealer bar.

- Pull off the bar length of the roll needed to hold the instrument to be sterilized, close the termosigillante bar and cut.

- Now place the instruments in the envelope and seal the open side in the same manner with a heat sealer.

- Arrange in an autoclave with the paper side upwards.

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