Roll holder for wooden table massage

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Holder made of solid wood. Can be ordered for fixed on all wood table massage

description for wooden roll holder for table massage

This roll holder was produced as an option of wooden table massage of Wood line. It too is of the same solid beech wood sun loungers and can be purchased in the same color of the table massage on which is then set. It's consists of two angular wooden supports that are fastened with simple screws outside of the bed legs choosing the height you prefer. The two supports are designed to hold the rod in wood supplied that will keep the sheet set.

Package Contents:

- 2 angle brackets in wood, 1 with a retractable closure

- 1 wooden rod 74cm

- 4 wood screws

Dimensions: supports measuring 155x85mm and thickness 30mm

Once fixed, protruding 125mm from table

Tips for fixing on wooden table massage

The fixing of the roll on the legs of wooden table is very simple, just use a tape measure, a pencil and a Phillips screwdriver.

Choose the height at which you prefer to have the holder and, with the meter, bring a pencil mark on both front and hind legs of the bed. Take a support and place it on a paw up to the pencil mark, making sure that the angle coincides perfectly with that of the paw. Fasten the two screws. Repeat the operation in the same way for the other medium.

Take now a fitted sheet and place it between the two supports, simultaneously insert the rod into the holder with a retractable locking making then enter the soul of the sheet doctor and hook it to the other media. The game is done.

Suggestions for fixing the roll holder for wooden table massage

In choosing the placement of the roll we suggest you consider two things. The first is the location of the media with a retractable closure for rod insertion. In fact the rod is inserted laterally, so be sure to position the support on the side where there are no impediments. The second is the protrusion of the porarotolo that, putting too high or too low, or on the side of the head, or feet, may bear more or less discomfort to the operator. In some cases, where the tent operator to lean against the bed on both sides you can choose to fix the roll holder inside of the legs. But keep in mind that the fitted sheet is slightly larger than the opening of the same legs and come out a little crumpled.


WOOD is the brand that guarantees the Made in Italy production of tables massage and furniture made of solid wood of choice and monitored carefully. Our products are distinguished by ruggedness and comfort, for ecological and hypoallergenic materials: fine woods and upholstery comfortable and durable. Every detail has been studied and planned in minute detail in the creation of equipment and accessories for the medical gymnastics and proprioceptive as cushions and platforms.

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