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Spark cartridge with needles for stroking

Spark cartridges with flat needles ON SALE UNTIL STOCKS LAST

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The SPARK are cartridges for tattoo and permanent make up consist of safe and sterile needles for tattoos, perfectly compatible Cheyenne. This model is suitable for geometric shapes and shadows.


Features of SPARK cartridges

These cartridges contain needles in line, then welded needles in row firmly attached to each other to always give the tip a linear form. The cartridges are composed of a transparent outer casing provided with ferrule, containing the tattoo needle coupled to a rubber band. The rubber band has the task of bringing the needle into the starting position after each hunt and to ensure greater stability and precision. The cartridges are sold in blister sealed and sterilized.

Pack of 20 sterile cartridges

replacement rate at the SPARK cartridges for tattoo

Use SPARK cartridges will help to imprint more speed to your work greatly reducing downtime in a needle exchange and the other. Changing needle is a breeze, fast, safe and clean. Once you remove the cartridge from the machine in fact, the needles will automatically portraits inside connector from eliminating any risk of injury and infection from used needles. Then just unwrapped a new cartridge, insert it into the grip and resume work. The customer will benefit their precision and comfort.

Available in various configurations and diameters.

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