Plicometer fat-1, economic

Plicometer fat-1, economic

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Plicometer economic and precise, an Italian production. Measure the thickness of skin folds in various districts of the organism, according to the characteristics of the instrument devised by Tanner and Whitehouse: - pressure exerted on the fold: 10gr / mm2 about - contact surface on the fold: 6 x 11 mm about this tool allows you to give an exact assessment of the nutritional status of the subject matter and how you distribute sectorally its adipose tissue. The user raises between a fold of skin in order to measure the thickness with pliers tool: on the top edge and 'given a scale in millimeters which moves an arrow immediately measure the skinfold (triceps, subscapularis, etc.) With within about 1 / 2mm. Simultaneously to measure the color bands inserted in the vicinity 'of that scale allow you to compare the measured value with the reference percentiles separate for men and women. Supplied with user manual that helps in the interpretation of the values. Useful in dietetics, cardiology, sports medicine, aesthetic medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, etc. Multilingual manual: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and greek.

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