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Bronc Tattoo Pen machine - Hummingbird

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Bronze Tattoo Pen Rotating Tattoo Machine by Hummingbird

This beautiful rotary machine represents a turning point in the tattoo machine industry by combining ease of use and speed of execution. It is a very high performance device, which is distinguished by the almost total absense of vibration, despite the high penetration force and the high frequency of beats.
It is equipped with a powerful 5W Swiss motor capable of delivering 16,000 rpm and a 3.5mm needle travel.

It works with a very low operating voltage that can vary from 5 to 7 volts. It is completely made of aeronautical aluminum and weighs only 154 g (5.43 oz).

The phrase most often used by artists to describe the Bronc Tattoo Pen is "seems to draw with a pencil!".






Body: Aeronautical aluminum
Weight: 154g (5.43oz)
Grip size: 2.3mm
Running: 3.5 mm
Needle depth: 0 ~ 4.5MM (adjustable, rotate handle to adjust)
Connection: only RCA (compatible with most standard RCA cables)
Engine: Swiss 5W, 16000 RPM
Operating voltage: 5V ~ 7V dc
DO NOT use more than 7V volts on this tattoo pen

It is designed for use in indoor environments. It can be used without problems at an ambient temperature of between 10 ° C and 35 ° C.

The package contains:

> Hummingbird Bronc Tattoo Pen
> Machine Holder
> A replacement O-ring bag
> Super Lubricating Oil
> Soft RCA clip cable

accessori bronc tattoo pen

WARRANTY 1 YEAR: Machine parts not subject to normal wear, will be covered by the warranty (engine, internal rotation mechanism, etc.)

Bronc tactile pen, simplicity and compatibility

The Tattoo Pen Bronze Tattoo Pen is compatible with most of the cartridges on the market including Cheyenne, Spark, Pro, Big Wasp, EZ, T-Tech. Its wide adjustment of the 4.5mm handle allows you to set any cartridge exactly.

It is naturally compatible with the latest generation power supplies such as Hurricane, Critical, Eikon, IPower, etc. It does not need very high currents, enough 1 amp power supplies are enough.

Use and maintenance tips

Except for cartridges, which are disposable, all machine components, mainly grip, must be cleaned and disinfected after use. Before starting any cleaning and maintenance activities on the Bronc Tattoo Pen, unplug the power cord!

Fully unscrew the grip, clean and immerse in a sterilizing solution consisting of peracetic acid and water or place it in autoclave; Remove grip sealing orifices and then clean and disinfect the rest of the machine with a wide spectrum disinfectant such as the BACTISAN SPRAY 2000 or the BACTISAN WIPE 2000 disinfectant wipes.

To ensure your job, Bronc Tattoo Pen must be cleaned before and after use with a soft cloth.

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