BLACK SWAN Liner Tattoo Machine
BLACK SWAN Liner Tattoo Machine
BLACK SWAN Liner Tattoo Machine
BLACK SWAN Liner Tattoo Machine
BLACK SWAN Liner Tattoo Machine
BLACK SWAN Liner Tattoo Machine
BLACK SWAN Liner Tattoo Machine
BLACK SWAN Liner Tattoo Machine

GOLD 3 Tattoo Color


Tattoo machine RB Tattoo machine built in brass Monobloc.

Features of the GOLD 3 Color Tattoo Machine

The GOLD 3 Color Tattoo Machine is a high-end tattoo machine built entirely in Italy. It was made using only the best materials and using the most modern technologies, such as CNC machining. Its realization consists in the processing from solid, or the incision of a monoblock of metal, thus increasing the conductivity and stability of the structure. Excellent for the overlap of color, it does not inflame and does not tear your skin.

Equipped with coils with 12 wraps wired wraps to give stability and power.

The reinforcing bar is made of a special ferrous steel for the electrical conduit.



- Brass Monobloc frame

- Handmade reels

- Front and back springs in harmonic steel

- 12 wraps

- Weight: 286gr

- configuration: color / shade

- Size: Large

- Movement: linear

- attack: clip cord

- colour gold

Lifetime warranty
Direct assistance

R.B. craft machines Tattoo Machines

R.B. machines Tattoo Machines are completely handmade in their every part. For this reason they are guaranteed for life by the manufacturer. Guarantee that obviously covers any mechanical or electrical defections of the machine. Problems related to the wear of materials are not included.


R.B. Tattoo Machines, an Italian company, was founded in 2000 as a manufacturer and reproducer of tattoo equipment.

Being the turner and miller Lele R.B., in collaboration with a famous Milanese tattoo artist, he gives life to a series of reproductions of the tattoo machine.

Over the years, it develops and markets products, machines, accessories and customization of materials, covering the needs of the tattoo world at 360 °.

The consolidated activity of R.B. Tattoo Machines and its professionalism aim at complete customer satisfaction.

Today R.B. Tattoo Machines confirms itself as an excellent manufacturer and maker of tattoo equipment.

Recently, R.B Tattoo Machines has announced that it is also ready to produce carbon articles.


The proposals of R.B.Tattoo Machines:



- aluminum, iron

-bobine (derril, bakelite-da8 to 14 wraps)

- Custom frames (ergal brass and iron)

- traditional and modified cord clips

-grip steel (aisi 316L), ergal, derril

-contacts complete front and top brass, copper

- arm supports


- production of ergal machines

-production rotary machines in carbon

-production carbon coils machines on request

-borders, machines, clip-cord, customized materials

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