pre-cut hair removal strips

pre-cut hair removal strips


Strips for hair removal in packs of 50pcs

Description of the pre-cut hair removal strips

Non-woven fabric strips to be used for epilation with the depilatory wax roller or with the jar of hot or cold wax.

Unlike the hair removal roll that requires preparation and a pair of scissors to cut, this pack of epilating strips offers 50 ready-to-use strips of fabric. The time savings are considerable, and the space they take up is actually less.

pack of 50 strips

material: TNT

Recommendations for use

These epilation strips are produced to tear off the wax during hot wax epilation. They can be used both by professional beauticians and for caslingo use.

- After having spread a thin layer of wax in the direction of the hair, apply in the same direction the strip of non-woven fabric on the part to be depilated making it adhere well with the pressure of the palm of the hand.

- Firmly, grasp the opposite end of the strip and tear (i.e. pull it off) in the opposite direction to the hair growth.

- With the other hand, keep the skin taut while pulling.

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