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Width 60cm roller shelf for loungers, armchairs and work shelves

Features of 60cm Waterproof Shelf

This rolled paper roll has been designed to protect loungers, armchairs, workbenches or clients / patients, from splashing or dropping liquids. The waterproof liner is capable of both absorbing liquid substances and waterproofing the area on which it is laid. It consists of 2 adjacent layers, 1 layer of absorbent embossed cellulose and 1 layer of waterproof polyethylene.

Pack of 1 roll

Material: 1year in blue paper +1 veil in polished paper

Equipped with clippings for tearing

Dimensions: width 60cm, length 50mt

Use tips

You can use this waterproof liner to protect your clients / patients. The 60cm long 50mt roll is the cheapest solution, compared to the woolen towels and the politenized gavels, for the protection of your customers as well as working surfaces.

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