Folded Towel Dispenser


Dispenser for "C" or "V" folded paper towels

Description of the Folded Towel Dispenser

This dispenser can hold up to 700 paper towels "C" folded or "V" interleaved

It is equipped with a safety key for opening and 4 plugs with screws for fixing to the wall.

measures 285 * 130 * h400

White color

Also available in white / smoky color

For whom is the paper towel dispenser indicated

This dispenser is essential in all rooms that allow access to the public bathroom. In fact, interleaved disposable towels are those that allow the least waste of paper and, consequently, the greatest economic savings. It is in fact widely used in bars, restaurants, motorway restaurants, but also in wellness centers and clinics.


For paper towels folded "C" or "V", holds up to 400fogli, measures 285 * 130 * h400. Colore white.

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