K2 BALLET NEEDLE shielded for...
K2 BALLET NEEDLE shielded for...

K2 BALLET NEEDLE shielded for electrodepilation


Point-shaped electrodes in shielded stainless steel, coated with a medical-grade insulator with a thickness of less than one micron.

Description of the K2 BALLET NEEDLE shielded for electrodepilation

Hair removal needles made in a single extremely smooth body, a feature that allows excellent conductivity, reducing dispersion and therefore allows the use of lower powers.
The particular technique of micro-smoothing of the blade and the extreme accuracy in the realization of the tip, allow to have a valid device able to allow the operator excellent manual skills with particular reference to these aspects:
- the ability to locate and enter the follicle easily and accurately.
- the ability to accurately descend to the base of the follicle, avoiding piercing the walls.

The needles are supplied sterile, packed in separable blister.

Connection diameter 0.80mm.

Pack of 1pcs.

Characteristics of shielded BALLET NEEDLES

The insulated needles are coated with a medical-grade insulator with a thickness of less than 1 micron.
This special coating allows a gentle introduction into the follicle and is suitable for prolonged treatments.
Protection during intense treatments is excellent.
The superficial and sensitive layers of the skin remain protected and discomfort is greatly reduced.

Indications for use:
Subjects with high sensitivity to the discomfort caused by electrodepilation.
Need to avoid, at the level of the needle insertion area, problems due to the passage of current

Ballet needle size

K2 - Insulated needle diameter 0.055 mm

K3 - Insulated needle diameter 0.075 mm

K4 - Insulated needle diameter 0.100 mm

K5 - Insulated needle diameter 0.125 mm


Following the application of the DECREE 12 May 2011, no. 110, many aesthetic devices have undergone a power adjustment which substantially changes some parameters.

In the aforementioned case, the electric epilators produced after the aforementioned date have been weakened.

Since the needles of small size, such as K2, are more resistive than the others, we do not recommend their use with modern epilators, as the current may not be sufficiently effective in removing some of the most difficult hairs.


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