ultra absorbent white microfiber...
ultra absorbent white microfiber...

ultra absorbent white microfiber bathrobe


White bathrobe in soft microfiber, elegant and refined.

Description of the ultra absorbent white microfiber bathrobe

Soft and light white microfiber bathrobe with excellent breathability and permeable properties. Equipped with excellent absorbency, lightness and less bulk compared to the sponge, it is ideal to pack for business or pleasure trips.

Technical features:

- ultra absorbency,

- lightness,

- White color.

MATERIAL: microfiber
WEIGHT: 170 gr./mq.

Recommendations for use

Compact and lightweight, this microfiber bathrobe is also ideal for the pool or gym. Thanks to its characteristics it is in fact very easy to fold up and always carry with you, since it takes up very little space in the bag. It can be safely machine washed, it is very resistant to frequent washing.

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Characteristics of the microfiber fabric

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Characteristics of the microfiber fabric

Microfiber is an excellent synthetic fiber, produced thanks to the combination of two basic fibers, polyester and polyamide, which can be woven with the same weft as a natural fiber fabric, but with very high washability, breathability and water repellency.
Microfiber fabrics are usually very light which resist wear and keep their original shape and which also have the advantage of being relatively stronger, when compared to other fabrics of the same lightness.

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