Spark Revolution Cartridge 20pcs - 13 Magnum

Spark Revolution Cartridge 20pcs - 15 Magnum 030


The SPARK REVOLUTION are tattoo cartridges with the latest generation of membranes composed of safe and sterile tattoo needles, perfectly compatible. This model is indicated for fills and shades.

Features of SPARK REVOLUTION cartridges with magnum needles

These cartridges contain magnum needles, then needles arranged in two rows, each with a different number of needles. This formation allows you to cover a larger surface, so it is the ideal tip for color and shades.

The cartridges are produced with an outer casing equipped with transparent tip and contain the tattoo needle inserted in a rubber membrane. The membrane serves both to prevent the ink from rising inside the machine and to give greater stability and precision to the needle. These cartridges are sold in sealed blisters and sterilized with E.O gas.

Pack of 20 sterile cartridges

Speed ​​and precision with SPARK tattoo cartridges

The use of SPARK cartridges greatly speeds up operations for the tattoo artist and makes the experience for the client more comfortable. Changing needle is a breeze, fast, safe and clean. Once the cartridge has been extracted from the machine, the needles are automatically retracted inside the membrane, eliminating any risk of cutting from used needles. At that point just discard a new cartridge, insert it into the grip and resume work.

Available in various configurations and diameters.

Compatibility of tattoo cartridges

Spark revolution tattoo cartridge needles are compatible with machines and cartridge tubes from major brands, Cheyenne, Equalizer, inkjecta, Bronc, Hummingbird, OTZI,Bishop, EZ, Dormouse, FK Irons, etc.

For the less demanding it is also possible to choose the version of Spark cartridges without membrane

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