Inflatable pillow wedge DYNAIR premium

Inflatable pillow wedge DYNAIR premium

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This pillow combines to perfection the advantages of the classic wedge pad and inflatable pillow type ball. The wedge-shaped inflatable pillow and Premium 'rugged, ergonomic shape and effect "balance". It supports the upright posture, strengthens the back muscles and can relieve back pain. The wedge-shaped inflatable pillow Dynair premium is safe and suitable for any age. The uniform distribution of the compression allows a better support of the thighs, to all advantage of the veins. It can be used both sides; the side with the soft bumps has an additional effect of foot massage and back. The package also includes a pump for inflating a precise and personalized pillow. Each package contains instructions for doing exercises sitting on the pillow, made by a therapist of international prestige. With this pillow sitting becomes a pleasure for your back. Equipment: pump for fine tuning and custom pillow, instructions for performing exercises in a seated position, instructions for sewing a slipcover, instructions for use and maintenance Color: Blue

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