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Bar x rehabilitation hand / arm thera-flex bars

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The FlexBar is a lightweight and very little space, easy to use, for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders.

It is also intended to mobility of the elbow, of the sole of the foot and of the joints.

The Thera-Band is a flexible device FlexBar durable resistance with ribbed surface for better grip during use. It is used to improve the gripping force and the stabilization of the upper limbs.

The American studies have shown that the use of FlexBar is effective for the so-called tennis elbow allowing to avoid expensive equipment or injections.

The FlexBar has a length of 30 cm.

Natural rubber, is available in three diameters, with increasing levels of resistance:

Kg of force to create a U-shape:

- RED 4.5 Kg

- GREEN 6,8 Kg

- BLUE 11.3 Kg

Characteristics and Uses: - Improves grip strength and the strength of the upper limbs - Rehabilitation of Wrist, and Forearm Hand - Stabilization of the Upper limbs - Neuromuscular Reeducation - Massage therapy - Martial arts - Strengthening Training for athletes - Rebalancing and stress neuro-muscular apparatus - Stimulation of the soft tissue and joint mobilization - Used in occupational therapy, physical therapy, Sport The exercise should be done in a phased manner: beginning 5/6 repeated 2 times a day, and then increase to 15 made repeated 3 times a day (morning, lunch, evening).

The exercises are to bend, twist and swing the FlexBar

No need to over-tighten the FlexBar, just a comfortable grip.

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