vaporizer PHITO VAP


Overline vaporizer, Phyto Vap model

Features of the PHITO VAP face vaporizer

It is a particular equipment in the range of vaporizers because it is the only product on the market designed to be able to change aroma and fragrance according to the needs of the treatment itself. Born to optimize all facial treatments and combines the search for a careful design with the practicality and elegance of an innovative product without neglecting its particularities, designed and created to make the treatment as well as effective even pleasant and beneficial. It is equipped with 3 different baskets for the insertion of aromatic herbs that allow the operator to use the most suitable product for the treatment that is being carried out. For delicate acne treatments, comedones, asphyxiated skin, skin impurities, etc.

Also equipped with 3 different portaessenza to be used to make the aesthetic treatment more pleasant.


Resistance in stainless steel, durable and easy to clean;
The boiler is made of ABS, a very resistant shockproof plastic;
Automatic shut-off in case of lack of water;
Ready to use in a few minutes;
Faculty of using ozone through the appropriate button;
Power supply 220 V -50/60 HZ
Made in Italy

What is the purpose of the vaporizer in aesthetics

The use of the vaporizer allows you to perform treatments in a few minutes that help the skin of the face to look more beautiful, stimulating microcirculation and improving the oxygenation of the tissues.

It also has the ability to open the pores of the skin, allowing first of all the leakage and elimination of the sebum, and subsequently the penetration and absorption of the functional and nutritive principles contained in the beauty products that are subsequently applied.

Spare parts for vaporizer

The vaporizer is an instrument that, held in the right way, can last for many years. Its most delicate part is the boiler (or glass) that is subject to shocks and / or falls, but, over the years, it could short the resistance or the ozone lamp.

We guarantee the supply of spare parts for vaporizers in a short time, so you will not be left without your main tool.

Here you can find the list:

Lamp for ozone

Vaporizer glass / boiler with 3 hooks

Glass / boiler for 2-hook vaporizer

Essence holder for vaporizer

Herbal holder for vaporizer

Spare essence holder sponge

Replacement resistance

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