SCALDA LETTINO a tre temperature
SCALDA LETTINO a tre temperature
SCALDA LETTINO a tre temperature
SCALDA LETTINO a tre temperature
SCALDA LETTINO a tre temperature
SCALDA LETTINO a tre temperature
SCALDA LETTINO a tre temperature
SCALDA LETTINO a tre temperature

WARM BED three temperatures


Thermo covered service, designed to bring warmth during the aesthetic treatments.

Description of the three-temperature TABLE HALL

This is a classic heated towel warmer, equipped with manual electric control to manage 3 temperature levels, 0-1-2. It is a reliable instrument produced in Italy, equipped with anti-shock and safety security at 4 hours.

It has been designed to be completely laid out on the table and is equipped with an electronic switch device and a patented copper thermal structure (see description).

Electronic switch WITH TIMER

The electronic timer switch offers the possibility to work in complete safety, fully satisfying the requirements of the regulations in force. This device offers two work programs with a duration of up to 4 hours, at the end of which the device switches off automatically, thus avoiding the possibility of leaving the heating element on for hours and hours, thus ensuring total safety during the its use and energy saving for the study.

DIMENSIONS: cm 150x50ca.

Made in Italy

Tips for using the electric blanket

This electric blanket should be placed lying on massage tables to promote relaxation and a state of well-being to the client. For a long duration it is advisable to always cover it with sheets of cartene, which prevent the penetration of harmful liquids such as oils and waxes, and to proceed to a correct cleaning with water and soap, without the use of degreasers or aggressive chemicals. Recall that essential oils are among the worst enemies of the tissues.


Thermo-conductive structure in COPPER (PATENTED)

This innovative and patented system allows to obtain a homogeneous and constant heat distribution over the entire surface compared to a traditional electric blanket.

The heating part consists of a resistance fixed on a layer of fabric whose area is completely covered by a THERMOCHONDUCTIVE STRUCTURE.

Resistance can not inevitably cover the entire area of the electric blanket, thus causing non-homogeneous heating. Thanks to the thick thermo-conductive structure, which covers the entire area of the electric blanket, the heat is homogeneously distributed over the entire surface. The heat emitted by the electric blanket is in fact uniformly transmitted to the surface of the tire and up to the rim of the wheel thanks to the thermo-conductive structure, thus avoiding a "leopard spot" heating.

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