surgical double-edged razor to trichotomy

surgical double-edged razor to trichotomy


Disposable razor double-edged with stainless steel blades.

Features of surgical double-edged razor to trichotomy

These opposed blades bitaglio shavers are ideal for the removal of the areas to be treated without irritarle. Thanks to their comb-shaped, ensure rapid removal of even long hairs and hair. The ability to cut from both sides speeds the shaving work and increases the cutting capacity.

- Opposing blades in stainless steel

- Teflon coating

- Handle polystyrene PS 432 B

- HD-PE Blade protector LATEX FREE

Packs of 10 or 100 pieces

Tips on use

Surgical razor-edged is useful in all vocational studies in which they operate on patients / clients skin, both surgically as superficially, tattoo studios, hospitals, operating theaters, medical aesthetic studies, beauty salons, hair removal centers, etc.

Is an essential fact, for most cases, shave the area to be treated just before each "intervention" to prevent infections caused by hairs and / or fluff.

Warnings on the use of sharp devices

After use the device may be contaminated, then dispose of as hospital waste according to legal provisions in sharps containers.

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