Cl infrared thermometer PIC...

Cl infrared thermometer PIC thermodelicate, front (contact)


Thermo is the delicate forehead thermometer Infrared simple and reliable, for household and hospital. Just place the sensor on the forehead, press a button and, within seconds, detect the body temperature quickly and easily. Its simple and intuitive design makes this innovative technology available to everyone. It has a clock function and a practical support to have it always at hand. You can also view previous measurements. Certification hospital clinic test the high standard of accuracy of the thermometer. * Easy to use * type of measurement: infrared detection front contact * measurement time: 5/2 * 25 memories latest surveys * * automatic shutdown with clock function * with support and practical pouch * clinically proven ** Precautions: * not measure the temperature just after eating, doing sports or showering. * Stays in the same room where the thermometer for at least 5 minutes before proceeding with the measurement. * After a measurement, wait at least 5 minutes before proceeding with a new survey, placing the thermometer on the support of a measurement and the next. * Do not hold too long the thermometer in hand: the sensor heats up and detects incorrect measurements. * Ii ** class compliance ': en 12470-5; EN ISO 10993-1; en 60601-1; en 60601-1-2; rohs 2002/95; raphe 2002/96 / ec / weee; 2006/66 c; 98/101 c; Eec 91/157; 93/86 eec. ** Measuring characteristics: * Measurement Method: contact provides oral equivalent; * Units' measurement: Gradic, gradif; * Measurement resolution: 1 tenth of a degree; * Measuring range: 34.0 Gradic 42,2gradic. ** Display: * Type: LCD; * Increase in digital 0.1 Gradic in full range; * Units' indicator [mm]: 8.6 mm; * Retroluminosita ': no; * Operating temperature on the display: 34.0 Gradic 42,2gradic; * Symbol of low temperature [Gradic]: when the temperature and '<34,0gradic (too low); * Symbol of high temperature [Gradic]: when the temperature and '> 42,2 Gradic (too high).

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