Forehead thermometer fevertest...

Forehead thermometer fevertest reusable - blister 2 pcs.


Reusable forehead thermometer. Non-toxic, mercury-free, safe, unbreakable, reliable, durable, easy to read. It detects the normal temperature or fever in 15 seconds. User manual in 10 languages. Manufactured in Italy. Includes 2 pieces. Digital indicator of body temperature to microencapsulated liquid crystals. How to use: place the indicator to the front for holding dry ends. After 15 seconds, if in addition to the letter "n" appear more numbers, the temperature corresponds to the highest value. In the event of a rise in temperature, consult doctor. Perform the test at room temperature, under the supervision of an adult. Clean the indicator with soapy water (without dip), or with sanitizing medical products that are recognized. Do not expose to direct sunlight, keep away from high heat, alcohol and solvents.

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