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Stetofonendo Littmann Classic II raspberry


Stethoscope characterized by a head with a tunable diaphragm. The performance of this instrument are excellent due to the high sensitivity 'sound that characterizes it. Users: - general practitioners - Students - nurses patented tunable diaphragm. The special patented tunable diaphragm ensures the instrument versatility 'and high-quality acoustics. The tunable diaphragm can detect both low-frequency mode (bell) that high frequencies (Iris mode) without turning your head. To switch from one mode to the other is simply change the pressure on the head. Bell Mode (low-frequency) for the detection of low frequencies is sufficient to exert slight pressure on the head. The membrane, mounted on a flexible ring, is thus left free to move and to detect the low frequencies. Iris mode (high frequency) to detect high frequency sounds apply firm pressure on the head. By pressing the head on the skin, the membrane is pushed against the inner surface of the head. Are limited in this way the movements of the membrane: what blocks or attenuates the reception of low-frequency sounds, allowing to listen for those at high frequency. If the stethoscope is held around the neck can occur over time the hardening of the tube is therefore recommended not to keep in direct contact with the skin, for example by holding it above his collar. Littmann classic ii S.E. It is the model of the range Littmann most widely used around the world. It combines the traditional head design with the ability to use single-face. The main features of the classic II S.E. Are: - compact design -the head of stainless steel with double diaphragm floating fiberglass epoxy -l'archetto lightweight aluminum with double internal spring for best adaptation -the tube headset PVC special resistant to cracking and to 'aging -the ring "anti-cold" -the olivette soft neoprene Littmann patented silicone tool does not contain natural rubber latex or natural rubber processed. -i product line 3M Littmann are marked medical devices there (dir 93/42 ssm) -read the instructions for use available colors: gray: code 050631r navy blue: blue code 050632r the Caribbean: 050633r burgundy code: code blue 050635r : code 050636 black: code .: 05063r fisheries code 050647r blue celo: code 050649 black-edition: code 050648r raspberry / Raspberry: code 0502210

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