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Stethoscope heine the range 3.1 flat-free

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Stethoscope ideal to be placed under the cuff of the sphygmomanometer in a convenient and simple. Stethoscope with robust stainless steel flat head. With a membrane with a diameter of 44 mm. In cardboard box drive. Technical features:: - latex-free: - length of tube only to "y" (without headband): 560 mm: - pipe high quality acoustics and sound transmission optimal. : - Reinforced headband ergonomic chrome. Adjustable individually for comfort and durability. : - Ring of the membrane and of the bell in the thermoplastic material against the cold feeling for the patient. : - Prevents cold shock. : - The strong head, with matt chrome and high surface exclude the noises caused by the fingers and produce exceptional resonance. With matt chrome, hygienic. Contraindications and warnings: there have been no contraindications except in cases of known sensitivity to materials components. Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Maintenance and cleaning: cleaning recommend a clean cloth, soaked in a mild detergent. If necessary, the membrane can be cleaned with a disinfectant product not aggressive. To extend the flexibility of the tubes of the stethoscope recommend the use of a vinylic protection. Product disposal: Dispose of the device comply with regulations relating to environmental protection and recycling. Heine Code: m-00.09.941 (pulse stethoscope for adults - 3.1 range) cnd: c9005 repertoire: 1,070,087 Compliant Medical Device class conforms to the directive CEE 93/42

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